Adventures Flavors - Boss Update (1.2)

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Tired of the same survival in Minecraft? With this addon live a different experience playing survival, with new ores, weapons, structures and a cooking system. This addon was inspired by my favorite RPGs.



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Adventures Flavors Logo

This addon was created in order to add or improve content that already exists in minecraft itself. Remembering that this is the testing phase, so new things can be added or undergo changes, join my discord server to receive updates to my addon!

Alright, let's talk about what I added to the game.

Adventures Flavors: Ores


Aluminum Ore: (Y - 100, -60)

Aluminum Ore

Very similar to iron ore, but very fragile than iron, it can be used to make armor, swords and knives for cooking, and an abundant ore in the overworld.

Aluminum Armor and Tools

Aluminum Plate Recipe

Aluminum Stick Recipe

Aluminum Knife Recipe

Enderite Ore: (Y - 45, -30)

Enderite Ore

Enderite is a rare ore in the end, use it to upgrade your emerald sword and to craft ender ingot.

Enderite Sword Recipe

Ender Ingot Recipe

Master Sword Recipe

Salt Ore: (Y - 67, -60)

Salt Ore

Abundant ore, its function is mainly in cooking, foods that contain salt receive extra regeneration.

Adventures Flavors: Weapons


Emerald Sword: (9 damage)

Emerald Sword


Emerald Sword Recipe

Enderite Sword: (11 damage)

Enderite Sword


Aluminum Sword: (6 damage)

Aluminum Sword


Aluminum Sword Recipe

Master Sword: (13 damage)

Master Sword


Master Sword Recipe

Adventures Flavors: Mobs


Capybara: (This animal prefers tropical and forest biomes, look for biomes like oak forests or jungle).

Capybara Mobs

Use potato to tame the capybara, they love it and will follow you. After taming them they will follow you wherever you walk.

Tamed Capybara

After taming the capybara, use a saddle, and you can ride it around the world.

Ladybug: (Overworld)

Ladybug Mobs

Firefly: (Overworld)

Firefly Mobs

Butterfly: (Overworld)

Butterfly Mobs

Rhino: (Savanna) (Aggressive)

Rhino Mob

Meerkat: (Desert)

Meerkat Mobs

I'm bringing some resources from the mob voting to my addon, for example the meerkat, which unfortunately lost the mob voting, but I'm bringing it to my addon with the same mechanics presented in the voting (tamable with fish and reproducible, when running, it will tilt your body and walk on 4 legs, when standing still, it will stand on 2 legs).

Meerkat in the Mob Vote

Meerkat Models

Necromancer: (Boss, Tower Necromance)

Necromancer Boss 1

Necromancer Boss 2

He casts long distance spells and summons zombies to attack you. You can find him in your dungeons, necromancer's tower.

Necromancer Tower

Upon defeating him, he will drop the necromancer's staff. Also, 8 spirit balls.

Necromancer's Staff and Spirit Ball

With the staff, you can summon your own zombies to attack enemies.

Summoned Zombies 1

Summoned Zombies 2

And with the spirit ball you can make a crazy chest, to carry your items and be your travel and adventure companion.

Crazy Chest Recipe

Crazy Chest Mob

Crazy Chest: (Made by Player)

Crazy Chest Spawn Item

Can be made from the Necromancer drop after defeating him.

Crazy Chest Recipe

You can tame it with any in-game food, seeds, raw meat or vegetables like carrots and potatoes.

Taming Crazy Chest

Once you've tamed him, he's yours forever! And will follow you everywhere. You can save your items by right clicking or "open" button on mobile devices. (The texture used in the images not included)

Crazy Chest Inventory UI

If you need to leave it at home or you no longer want to use it, just kill it to recover used items and items that are stored.

Crazy Chest Loot

Don't worry about protecting it from the monsters, they think it's a chest!

Crazy Chest and Zombies

Tamed Crazy Chest

Zombie Enraged: (Overworld, Night)

Faster, tougher and stronger than normal zombies.

Zombie Enraged

Merchant from the Far Lands: (Overworld)

This merchant has traveled all over the world, and he can bring you useful things for the right price.

Merchant from the Far Lands

This merchant accepts the new copper coin that the player can craft.

Copper Coin Recipe

Penguin: (Ice Biomes)

Baby and Adult Penguins

Adventures Flavors: Structures



Tent Structure

Will appear in various places around the world, it has common items to start your survival adventure, including two beds and a campfire. Contains 3 color and loot variants.

Red Tent Structure

Forest Ruins:

Forest Ruins Structure

Pillager Tent:

Pillager Tent Structure

Great Portal in Ruins:

Great Portal in Ruins Structure

Mystical Tree: (Overworld)

Mystical Tree Structure

Mystic tree wood can be used as any other wood, and has all block variants.

Blocks from Mystical Tree Wood

Rabbit Sisters Hut: (Cherry Grove)

Rabbit Sisters Hut Structure

In one of the stores around the world, trade with the masked girls to get emeralds or Golden Bunny Tickets, which can be exchanged for rewards. For example ores, or enchanted carrots that are extremely powerful.

Trader in Rabbit Sisters Hut Structure

Trading with Rabbit Sisters

Saloon: (Forest and Plains)

Saloon Structure

Place for the player to rest, have a beer to regain energy and trade, talk to attendants to buy extra life potions, beer, potions and food.

Interior of the Saloon Structure

Tower Necromancer: (Boss Dungeon) (Overworld)

Tower Necromancer Structure 1

This tower houses a powerful boss, so come prepared.

Tower Necromancer Structure 2

Tower Necromancer Structure 3

Tower Necromancer Structure 4

Your objective is to reach the top, each floor has its rewards and its different enemies, but be careful because there are creatures that will make your journey difficult.

Tower Necromancer Structure 5

If you manage to reach the top of the tower, 14th floor, you will receive a great reward and the honor of fighting the new boss of Adventure Flavors.

Tower Necromancer Structure 6

This is the necromancer, he will summon zombies every 30 seconds to attack you, he will also cast ranged spells, so running away is not an option.

Necromancer Boss 1

Necromancer Boss 2

Upon defeating him, he will drop the necromancer's staff. Also, 8 spirit balls.

Necromancer's Staff and Spirit Ball

With the staff, you can summon your own zombies to attack enemies.

Summoned Zombies 1

Summoned Zombies 2

And with the spirit ball you can make a crazy chest, to carry your items and be your travel and adventure companion.

Crazy Chest Recipe

Crazy Chest Mob

Ruined House: (Overworld)

Ruined House Structure

Apple Tree:

Apple Tree Structure

Adventures Flavors: Foods


I put new food recipes with existing items in the game, such as baked apple, baked carrot and fried egg, can be obtained by placing these items in the furnace or smoker.

New Food Variants

I added french fries to my addon, and to obtain it you first need to cut the potatoes with a kitchen knife.

Cut Potato Recipe

And then put it in a furnace or smoker to get chips.

Mystical Fruit: You may find yourself breaking the leaves of previously written mystical trees. By consuming the fruit you will receive special effects such as fire resistance, instant life, night vision and endurance. But beware, as the effects do not last for long so have plenty of fruit in your inventory.

Mystical Fruit

Mystical Tree at Night

Caramel: It restores a bit of hunger, but its main function is to increase the player's speed for a few seconds. Caramel is also used for other, more complex recipes.


Cinnamon: Very common ingredient in all biomes, it can be collected by the ground and by using bone meal on the plant, it will turn brown and you can collect it.


Planted Cinnamon

Cinnamon can not be consumed, but serves as an ingredient for other recipes of the addon. To plant cinnamon just put on the countertop to get your seeds.

Cinnamon Seeds Recipe

Beer: It can be bought in the new saloon structures scattered around the world, it can be bought for 1 emerald. It will give a great regeneration of life, but it will give you slowness and nausea.


Saloon Structure

Extra Life Potion: This potion cannot be made, only bought in the saloon for a high price. However, she will double down on her current life, getting 22 hearts for 10 minutes. Use at the right times to beat powerful enemies.

Extra Life Potion

Interior of the Saloon Structure

Effects from Extra Life Potion

Apple Pie:

Apple Pie

Apple Pie Recipe

Enchanted Carrot: It gives extremely powerful effects when consuming, but they are very expensive. Absorption, fire resistance, Extra Life, Instant Life, Super Jump, Regeneration, and Strength.

Enchanted Carrot

Rabbit Sisters Hut Structure

It can be purchased using golden rabbit tickets, in the rabbit sisters' hut.

Enchanted Carrot Trade

Caramel and Cinnamon Pie: It's very good food, it's easy to make. It uses cinnamon and caramel to be made, in addition to giving regeneration, it takes negative effects such as poisoning, wither effect, bad omen, for example.

Caramel and Cinnamon Pie

Caramel and Cinnamon Pie Recipe

Maximum stack of this item is 1 per slot, but if you want to take more pies, you can slice it with the kitchen knife, but it will lose some of its regeneration effect.

Slice of Pie Recipe 1

Or you can place your food on the new chopping bench.

Chopping Bench Block

Without necessarily having to spend 1 knife every time you want to share your food.

Slice of Pie Recipe 2

Dough: Base dough for other recipes.


Dough Recipe

Chocolate: Increases movement and mining speed.

Chocolate recipe

Salted Meats: Salted meats apply regeneration.

Salted Meats Recipe

Can be roasted in the furnace or campfire.

Slice of Apple Pie:

Slice of Apple Pie Recipe

Cheese: Applies absorption when consuming.

Cheese Recipe

Pizza: Applies absorption and strength.

Pizza Recipe

Slice of Pizza Recipe

Sliced Pork:

Sliced Pork Recipe

Cooked Sliced Pork Recipe

Sausage Recipe

Mashed Potato: Removes all negative effects.

Mashed Potato Recipe

Adventures Flavors: Textures


I thought it would be good to change some things that already exist in minecraft, for example the texture of some things. You can check out the changes that have been made to the game below.

New Sun Texture

New Moon Texture

Pumpkin Vision:

New Pumpkin Vision Texture


New Block Textures

All tree trunks now have a rounded appearance

New Oak Log Texture

New Log Textures


New Item Textures 1

New Item Textures 2

New Item Textures 3

New Item Textures 4

New Item Textures 5

Adventures Flavors: Decoration



Chair Items

Can be made using this craft pattern with different materials, such as wood (all minecraft wood and addon wood) quartz and bamboo.

Cherry Chair Recipe

Chair Variants

I hope you enjoyed my addon, I wanted to share a hobby that I have practiced a lot. If you find bugs or have suggestions, please reach out to me here in the comments or in the discord that will be on my profile.

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What can't I do? ๐Ÿšซ

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