Draconic Evolution Addon v1.5

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This addon adds items and blocks based on Draconic Evolution mod for Minecraft Java Edition 1.12


Permission for ModBay:

Permission from Brunum Games


  • Enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition
  • Addon tested only on mobile and singleplayer mode
  • Made by fan
  • Report bugs and issues on MCPEDL, or my YouTube channel
  • If you are going to showcase the addon, give the credits


Around the world will appear Draconium Ores that drop up to 5 Draconium Dust that can be fused into Draconium Ingot. Draconium Dust will only drop if mined with pickaxes of: diamond, netherite, those of this addon, specter (Random Things; Meu), matter and red morningstar (Project EHD; Hero), atomic (Mekanism; Ramcor) and infinity (Avaritia ; Ramcor).

Draconium Ores


It is the way to produce energy in this addon. To produce energy, put a bucket of lava in the first slot (on addon blocks with 5 slots, the other slots do not work).


Mob Grinder:

To work, an active Generator (when consuming lava) must be on one of its sides. It does a lot of damage to mobs within 4 blocks. Since the closest player did the damage, the mob will drop XP, but you may have problems with mobs with behavior similar to the zombified piglin

Mob Grinder

Particle Generator:

Click on the block to change the desired particle. When this block receives a signal from redstone torch, wire or block, it will emit the selected particle 2 blocks above.

Particle Generator

Wyvern Equipment:

These are upgrades for diamond equipment. Some have certain abilities:

  • Wyvern Armor has no durability and can be enchanted, unlike tools
  • Wyvern Boots gives the player jump boost effect
  • Wyvern Leggings gives the player speed effect
  • Full set gives the player resistance II effect
  • Wyvern Axe breaks logs in vein mode
  • Wyvern Pickaxe mines ores in vein mode
  • Wyvern Sword deals area damage

Wyvern Equipment and Tools

Energy Infuser:

To work properly, tools need to be charged. One way is by using the Energy Infuser. When a Generator finishes consuming a bucket of lava, it adds 1 "energy point" to the Energy Infuser on the side. Each Energy Infuser stores up to 10 "energy points" (Wyvern tools use 1 "energy point" each). Place the tool in the first slot to charge, but it only works with fully uncharged tools.

Energy Infuser

Wyvern Flux Capacitor:

Do you want to charge a tool before it completely discharges? Are you going on a long journey with no Energy Infuser nearby? Then you will want to use this item. Place it in the first slot of an Energy Infuser and it will act as a battery that stores up to 8 "energy points". The amount of energy the tool will have depends only on the amount of energy in the item, the durability of the tool does not influence.

Wyvern Flux Capacitor

Fusion Crafting Blocks:

These are building blocks for the Fusion Crafting system we'll look at towards the end. In Injectors you place the ingredient by clicking on the block and remove it by clicking again. In Core you put the ingredient in the first slot.

Fusion Crafting Blocks

Draconium Chest:

Click on the block to use it as a Crafting Table and press the open button to access 234 slots.

Draconium Chest


Hold the screen using the Dislocator to teleport to the nearest Dislocator Receptacle, but each item is used up to 21 times and the player takes 1 heart of damage with each teleport. The advanced version does the same but has infinite durability and does no damage but spends 1 ender pearl per use.


Item Dislocators:

An Item Dislocator activated in the inventory will cause all items and xp to go to the player within 15 blocks. The awakened version does the same with twice the range.

Item Dislocators

Celestial Manipulator:

Click on the block to select the time or weather change. Click while holding an emerald in your hand to perform the change (the emerald is spent). To work, it is necessary that an active Generator is on one of the sides.

Celestial Manipulator

Draconic Equipment:

An upgrade to Wyvern equipment with a few improvements:

  • Draconic Boots and Leggings do their effects at tier II
  • Draconic Helmet gives the player night vision effect
  • Draconic Chestplate makes the player able to fly (but the way to use it is by holding it on the screen with the chest slot empty)
  • Full set gives the effect of resistance V and fire resistance
  • Tools have 4x the charge capacity
  • Draconic Hoe plows in a 9x9 area
  • Draconic Sword deals more damage and in a larger area

Draconic Equipment and Tools

Draconic Staff of Power:

Breaks all blocks quickly in a 3x3x3 area and has twice the charge capacity compared to Draconic tools. It also has high area damage

Draconic Staff of Power

V1.5: (I wanted to bring prints, but the cell phone button broke)

  • New file compatible with Minecraft 1.20
  • Models change in certain armatures and 3d tools. Both with model provided by Ramcor14: https://m.youtube.com/@Ramcor14Player
  • Now, making a fusion will emit sound and particles
  • Bug fixes

Fusion Crafting System:

This is a guide on how to make addon stuff using the fusion crafting system:

  • The structure can be "mirrored" and/or "rotated", otherwise it has to be the same
  • Empty Injectors are not needed for crafting
  • In the part where items are applied, different tiers cannot be merged
  • The item in the item frame is what you put in the Core

Draconium Chest (Basic or Higher):

Draconium Chest

Wyvern Fusion Crafting Injector (Basic or Higher):

Wyvern Fusion Crafting Injector

Advanced Dislocator (Wyvern or Higher):

Advanced Dislocator

Awakened Draconium Block:

Requires 4 Draconium Blocks in the Fusion Crafting Core. Dragon Heart is obtained by defeating the Ender Dragon (Wyvern or higher):

Awakened Draconium Block

Draconic Fusion Crafting Injector (Wyvern or Higher):

Draconic Fusion Crafting Injector

Awakened Core (Draconic Only):

Awakened Core

Draconic Equipment (Draconic Only):

Draconic Equipment

Draconic Staff of Power:

The Draconic Sword has to be on the opposite side of the Draconic Shovel and the Awakened Core has to be above the Draconic Sword (Draconic only):

Draconic Staff of Power

The addon has translation for de_DE, en_US, fr_FR, ko_KR, pt_BR, ru_RU, zh_CN and zh_TW (Some items in some translations may be mistranslated)

Addon Demo Video:


The original mod made by brandon3055 has a Custom License. I tried to contact the owners on discord and a moderator replied:

FoxMcloud5655 Permission

Updated on October 07

  • Compatibility with Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.30
  • Bugs fixes and small changes
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