[OVERHAUL] Disciples of the Void, Volume II

Thumbnail: [OVERHAUL] Disciples of the Void, Volume II

Do you like boss fights?? I do! Who DOESN’T love boss fights??? Lucky for you, this addon is for people who enjoy boss fights and want more in your Minecraft world. It adds 8 unique bosses to fight in your gameplay loop each with their own special quirks.

Disciples of the Void: Volume II, Is a continuation on the first volume. With the first ever creator taken out and the overworld at peace, (mostly). Things can go back to normal right? WRONG. An unknown being (to you at least), has picked up the tools to create his own beings of destruction. Dive into this addon and destroy all of them. Don't think, just do it.


Permission for ModBay:

Permission from ItsDarkwolf6

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Quick Notes:

  • These are the four chapters of this addon. Each part beyond chapter one is assuming you have completed the objectives of the previous one.
  • It is recommended to play on NORMAL difficulty to get the full experience.

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