Security Craft Bedrock Edition Remake! (v2)

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Ah... the popular Security Craft Mod... Sadly, it's only for Java... right? Not anymore! Now I recreated the Mod (with permission) into an Addon! Of course, the features aren't 1:1 like the modโ€ฆ As It's not really possible, BUT WHO CARES? Hope you enjoy. Also, this addon uses player.json.


Keep in mind this is a Recreation, so it's not an original idea. First, the permission:

Permission for Laiffoo

Also I gotta say this! Thanks a lot to:


Now as I said its different as the original. So I will explain everything as good as possible!

Reinforced Blocks

Lets start with Reinforced Blocks!

You can't reinforce all blocks. Here are all blocks you can reinforce:

List of Reinforced Blocks

Craft recipe for Univseral Block Reinforcer:

Craft Recipe for Universal Block Reinforcer

And how to break? Only the person who reinforced them can break them with the Universal Block remover

How to Destroy Reinforced Block

Craft recipe for Universal Block Remover:

Craft Recipe for Universal Block Remover

If someone who didn't reinforce it tries to break it this message appears

Failed to Break Block Message

When being broken they drop the orignal Block they were.

Also: by a few blocks (Keypad or Keycard reader, etc) you gotta interact the top with the Universal Block remover! Only way to destroy them (By the doors only the bottom block).

Keycard Reader

But now lets talk about the Keycard reader!

Screenshot of Keycard Reader.

They have 5 Different levels which needs this certain Keycard or Higher

Higher card level required.

Keycard reader: registered key.

Its simple explained however sooo nothing toooo much of a problem I would say


Now the Padlock!

Now in the Orignal Mod it has some fancy Custom UI however I can't really do that soooooo here my version-Only the person who placed it can use it and it sends a signal and opens the nearest Reinforced Door

Screenshot of Padlock.

Padlock: opened door.

They drop both the iron Block and the keypad btw

The Retinal Scanner

Now another thing The Retinal Scanner!

It registers the player who placed it and when being infront of opens the nearest reinforced door OR sends a redstone signal

Screenshot of Retinal Scanner.

Again only the plyer who placed it sooo keep that in mind

Security chests

Now the Security chests!

Like the Padlock I can't do the same like in the Original

Its the same kinda like the Padlock the one who places it AND ONLY the one who places it can use it

Screenshot of Security chests.

Its really Simple..

Also here interact on the top to destroy it (With Block remover ofc)

3 Doors: Reinforced, Scanner and Keypad

The Padlock door, Reinforced door and Scanner Door!

As I am too lazy to make an better door here quick: To rotate interact the inside bottom as the same way to destroy them

  • Reinforced door
  • Scanner door
  • Keypad door

3 doors: reinforced, scanner and keypad.

The Reinforced door only is able to open with stuff like the Scanner or Keycard reader and such.

Screenshot of Reinforced door.

The Keypad Door opens when the keypad side is interacted (Kinda like an normal door but only works for the One who places it)

Screenshot of Keypad Door.

The Scanner door only opens for the one who placed it when standing infront of the door.

Scanner door: screenshot 1.

Scanner door: screenshot 2.

Now that is done..Now the Turret!


This will shoot everything except pets,Villagers and the one who placed it!

Turret: screenshot 1.

Turret: screenshot 2.

Ofc you get it back when destroyed with the Universal Block remover!

Destroy turret.

The Land mine and bouncy betty

The landmine is self explaningthe Bouncy betty is just an better version! Both can be defused by using shears

Screenshot of Land mine.

Screenshot of Bouncy betty.

The Protecto is next!


Its just really simple.. when an lightning hits nearby it chargesWhen charged it can be interacted and will summon lightning on all mobs! Max of 5 Mobs will be hitted. Its stupid I know.

Protecto: screenshot 1.

It can't charge from its own lightning

Protecto: screenshot 2.

Thats all!

Recipes Example

Now here some recipes example.. hope you get a great day :)

Craft Recipe Examples

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