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After playing minecraft for So Much times...
Do you feel the game is Easy & Simple?

Then do you want to make it Harder & Complex?

That's what this addon does!

This addon is Inspired by Rough Tweaks & Scaling Health mods





โ—† Unnatural Regeneration:

Unnatural Regeneration

Your health won't regenerate even when having full hunger bars... Now Health & Hunger are 2 Fully Separate Things to take care of!

& Healing Items:

Items that'll help you to take care your health that has no natural regeneration anymore...


Each items recovers 1.5 Hearts per 1 use...

โ—† Salve, 8x Uses

Salve Recipes

โ—† Plaster, 16x Uses

Plaster Recipe

โ—† Bandage, 32x Uses

Bandage Recipe

โ—† Medkit, 64x Uses

Medkit Recipe

โ—† Enchanted Medkit, 128x Uses

Enchanted Medkit Recipe

Upgraded Medkit...

โ—† Conditional Navigation:

Conditional Navigation

The Coordinate is disabled, until you done the guide below...

Guide: Obtain a Compass to Unlock the ability to enable the Coordinate back!

โ—† Randomized Respawn Radius:

Randomized Respawn Radius

After being dead, you'll be respawned, but 128 Blocks away from the respawn point... (If you haven't set your spawn point on a bed)

โ—† Heart Crystal:

Heart Crystal

This item is used to increase your hearts & can be used 10 times


Heart Crystal Recipe

Crafted with 9 Heart Shards, that can be obtained by mining Heart Shard Ore

Heart Shard Ore:

Heart Shard Ore

Drops: 3-6 Shards & 2-5 XP Orbs

Has the same generation as Lapis Lazuli Ore...

โ—† Morphine:


It clears Mining Fatigue, Nausea, Poison, Slowness, Weakness & Wither when consumed


Morphine Recipe

โ—† Heart Pad:

Heart Pad

It regenerates the player's health points if they step on it


Heart Pad Recipe


In-game Configurations:

โ—† The addon features features can be enabled/disabled in-game

To disable the unnatural regeneration feature, execute this command:
โ€ข /tag @s add natural_regeneration_true

To disable the randomized respawn radius feature, execute this command:
โ€ข /tag @s add random_respawn_false

To disable the conditional navigation feature, execute this command:
โ€ข /tag @s add coordinate

Replace the "add" with "remove" to re-enable the feature!



โ—† Hearty Diets:

This extension adds an alternative method to increase the health points other than using heart crystal!

By eating food items that crafted of food groups that combined based of food categories, Get it?


The max health points remains the same & These food items increases the health points on the first consume only...

โ—† Farmer's Salad:

Farmer's Salad Recipe

โ—† Feast Of Three Fins:

Feast Of Three Fins Recipe

โ—† Bake N' Boil:

Bake N' Boil Recipe

โ—† Grilled Meats:

Grilled Meats Recipe

โ—† Glazed Treats:

Glazed Treats Recipe

โ—† Enchanted Golden Carple:

Enchanted Golden Carple Recipe


โ—† Dietary Book:

Dietary Book Recipe

Used for checking the tastes of unique foods...

Unique Foods Tasted

Untested = You haven't consume the food

Tested = You have consumed the food



โ—† Lellson8 & SilentChaos512 for the Inspirations!
โ—† Vatonage, for the Vatonage Library!
โ—† Puplays09, for the Heal Pool addon that inspires the Heart Pad!



โ—† What's the LOL?

Arduous RP settings

This subpack makes Dying Fun!



Required Experimental Feature:

Required Experiments for Arduous Addon


โ—† Only English

โ—† Working on 1.20.30+!

Enjoy & Have a Hardcorous Game!


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

Updated on February 05


โ—† Added the Hearty Diets extension

This extension adds an alternative method to increase the health points other than using heart crystal

V4.5 / February 05 / Old Update

โ—† Added the Heart Pad

A block that heals whoever steps on it

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