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This Catalyst Item Pack adds 4 new items, 2 items that upgrade all your weapons (including those from other add-ons!) and 2 new melee weapons.


This addon improves your weapons from the vanilla game and other addons, it also adds 2 new weapons!
This addon is compatible with any addon! Does not need player.json!
This addon does not require any experimental features, but remember to use version 1.20.30 or higher!


All Craft Recipes for Addon Items

Attack Behavior:

  • Attacks that deal area damage will affect all entities except the player who made the attack.
  • Entities that take damage from area attacks will be hostile to the player who made the attack, not the entity that suffered the attack.


Sculk Necklace:

It must be equipped in the left hand, while equipped the player's melee attacks will receive an attack bonus, the entity hit by the player will receive damage caused by a small sonic explosion that will deal 7 damage if the weapon is:

  • Sword
  • Spear
  • Knife
  • Axe
  • Katana
  • Blade

If the player has a different item, it will only apply a bonus of 2.

Sculk Necklace Screenshot

Sound Wave Catalyst:

Must be equipped in the left hand, while equipped the player's ranged attacks will receive a bonus:


  • Will receive a bonus of sonic explosions that cause 3 damage to nearby enemies.

Ball-type projectiles, such as snowball, fireball:

  • Will receive a sonic knockback bonus.


  • Deals 5 damage in a large area, in addition to receiving a knockback bonus.

If the object is a different projectile (such as an egg, or any other projectile from another addon that does not use an identifier similar to that of normal projectiles), only a damage bonus will be applied (deals 3 damage in an area slightly smaller than that of the arrow)

Sound Wave Catalyst Screenshot

Sculk Axe:

The entity will be launched into the air while negative effects are applied, during this period the player should be able to land a second hit, the duration of the effects and the knockback power are based on the damage the player causes, the higher the player's damage, the greater the effects and knockback.

The damage taken into account is the total! Potions, criticals and enchantments increase the knockback and effects of this weapon.

Sculk Axe Screenshot

Sculk Sword:

When the player hits a mob, small sonic explosions are created that damage nearby entities, these small explosions deal area damage based on the damage done by the player (It is the general damage! It takes into account things like enchantments, potions, criticals, etc.)

Sculk Sword Screenshot


  • If you like this one, try my other addon with the same theme as this one!
  • Although the Sculk Axe and Sculk Sword weapons increase their stats based on the player's damage, they have a limit, after a damage value of 40 Sculk Axe will no longer increase its stats, and the sculk sword will not do area damage greater than 501, It is difficult to reach these statistics and you will need a command like /effect to reach that limit!



  1. Open the file using Minecraft
  2. Enter the world settings and activate the resource and behavior pack


  1. Unzip the file
  2. Locate your Minecraft data storage location (usually at com.mojang)
  3. Move the resource folder to resource_packs
  4. Move the behavior folder to behavior_packs
  5. Enter the world settings and activate the resource and behavior pack

Updated on October 28


  • Weapons now act based on player damage instead of predefined values.
  • Added sounds.
  • A second hit is now executed after the first hit, instead of having a damage increase.
Changelog for v1.0.0 / October 24 / Old Update


  • Added new screenshots of items and weapons.


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Download Sculk Power Catalysts[mcaddon, 1.02 Mb]
Download Sculk Power Catalysts[zip, 1.02 Mb]
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  1. This addon is really good, Iโ€™m using on my realm from now on.
  2. If this receives more support I will update it so that the damage and area increase according to the damage of the sword!
    (crits and enchantments will apply to area damage)

    Also play my other addon, with a similar theme to this one!