Super Spyglass [v1.0.0]

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Minecraft spyglass is a unique and excellent tool, it grants the player an ability to view distant objects. It is very useful for finding villages, outposts and other things.

But with this addon the Super Spyglass adds new useful features to the old Minecraft spyglass.
Here are some of its features:

Compass UI

Can help players orient themselves within the game world.
Located at the top.

I also added pointers to the compass ui (for now I only added 2).

Compass UI

Death and Respawn Pointers in the Compass UI

  • The first one is for the respawn point (current respawn location).
  • The second is for the death point (current death location).

The size of the pointer is relative to its location to the player, it gets bigger the closer you are.

Different Sizes of Death and Respawn Pointers

  • Small = more than 100 blocks away
  • Medium = within 100 blocks
  • Large = within 10 blocks

The number present under the compass is the facing angle of the player (0 - 360 degrees).

Coordinate Panel

Displays the coordinate of the block/entity.
Located below the the compass UI.

Coordinate Panel

The red is the x coordinate, green is y and blue is z.
Below the z coordinate (blue) is the total block distance of the target.

Name Panel

Displays the name of the entity/block/item.
Located at the left side of the scope.

Name panel consists of several parts:

On Entity

Scale only appears if the entity's scale is not equal to 1.

Name Panel: On Entity

On Block

Redstone power only appears if it's > 0.

Name Panel: On Block

On Item

Item count only appears if it's > 1.

Name Panel: On Item

Job Panel

Displays job/occupation of the entity (Currently only works to villagers).
Only appears if the entity has job/occupation. Located below the name panel.

Color Panel

Displays the color of the entity (Currently only works to sheeps).
Only appears if entity has color property. Located below the job panel.

Level Panel

Displays the current level, current exp and exp needed of the entity.
Only appears if the entity's level is > 0. Located below color panel.

Level Panel

Damage Panel

Displays to current attack damage of the entity (Only works on vanilla entities).
Only appears if entity has attack damage. Located below level panel.

Attack damage may vary depending on what the entity is holding.

If entity has melee damage:

Damage Panel: Melee Damage

If entity has range damage:

Damage Panel: Range Damage

Sometimes entity has both:

Damage Panel: Both Types of Damage

Health Panel

Displays the current health of the entity.
Located below the damage panel.

Defense Panel

Displays the total defense of the entity.
Located below the health panel.

Effects Panel

Displays the current effects the entity has.
Located below the defense panel.

Effects Panel

Equipment Panel

Displays the item/equipment the entity equipped.
Located at the right side of the scope.

Overall View

Overall View: Screenshot 1

Overall View: Screenshot 2

Overall View: Screenshot 3

Required Experiments

Make sure you turn these on:

Requried Experiments

Any concerns / question / request?
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Download links
Resource Pack [Beta]
Behavior Pack [Beta]
Resource Pack [1.0.0]
Behavior Pack [1.0.0]
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