Old Netherite Upgrade (1.20 or Newer)

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This add-on returns the old crafting to upgrade diamond armor and tools to netherite!

It does not require any adjustment in the world, just activate it in Behaviors Packs (Compatible with achievements) and Enjoy the Add-on!


Netherite Helmet:

Old Netherite Helmet Recipe

Netherite Chestplate:

Old Netherite Chestplate Recipe

Netherite Leggings:

Old Netherite Leggings Recipe

Netherite Boots:

Old Netherite Boots Recipe

Netherite Sword:

Old Netherite Sword Recipe

Netherite Pickaxe:

Old Netherite Pickaxe Recipe

Netherite Axe:

Old Netherite Axe Recipe

Netherite Shovel:

Old Netherite Shovel Recipe

Netherite Hoe:

Old Netherite Hoe Recipe

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Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0