One Player Sleep Addon

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I created this addon to solve a problem that many players suffer from on servers

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The addon is just an experimental idea and I hope you like it!

One player sleep addon

The idea of this addon is that it will solve a major problem that players suffer from in mobile Minecraft, which is that if one of them wants to sleep, the rest must sleep as well, so that night becomes day. But now, with this mod, you will not need everyone on the server to sleep for the situation to improve! Sleep, and you will get what you want!

And this is a video explain the addon ↓

The addon runs in script mode, so it is compatible with other addons

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Download links
Addon for 1.20.40 and 1.20.3x and 1.20.1x
Supported versions
1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10
  1. This is kinda useless. Mojang added /gamerule playersleepingpercentage that lets you set the max/min amount of players needed to skip the night. Sorry to pop your bubble.
    1. Its work in 1.20.1x and 1.20.2x too soo its okey :)