Hardcore Addon V1.2

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Hardcore Addon

Minecraft Java contains many features that are not present in Minecraft Bedrock, and one of the most important of these features is Hardcore mode.

What is Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore mode is one of the best modes to play in Minecraft. In this mode, the difficulty level is high and the attack damage of entities is higher than in normal mode, but what makes this mode special is that once the player dies, he will lose the world forever and will not be able to respawn.

Unfortunately, Mojang did not add this fun mode to the bedrock edition, so I made this add-on that enables you to try this mode in the bedrock edition. Of course, this add-on will not be as efficient as the Hardcore mode would have been if Mojang added it, but I hope you enjoy this add-on.


  • The files attached to this post only work on versions 1.20.4x!
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Download Hardcore Addon V1.2[zip, 147.71 Kb]
Download Hardcore Addon V1.2[mcaddon, 147.71 Kb]
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  1. What is Minecraft cornerstone?
    1. ๐Ÿ˜‘I meant Bedrock, but the keyboard
  2. How do you stop the player from respawning ? You just lock him in spectator ?
    1. yes.

      Initially, I was going to delete the world when you die, but I thought that he might want to wander around his world one last time, so I scrapped the idea.