Hearthstone Addon - Magical Teleportation Stone

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Explore the world with ease using this hearthstone! Link it to your cozy bed and go on an adventure. When you miss home, just activate the stone, and youโ€™ll be back in a blink of an eye of ender!

What This Addon Does:

This addon will allow you to explore the world without worrying about getting lost. No matter where you're at, you can always go back to your bed for a restful night's sleep!

  • Link the stone to any bed you want (even if cooling down)
  • Teleport to your bed every 5 minutes
  • Can craft in mini grid
  • Shapeless recipe

How To Craft:

All you need is one of each, an Eye of Ender and an Amethyst Shard. It's a shapeless recipe, so formation doesn't matter.

Craft Recipes of Hearthstone

UI used in crafting preview: Colorful Containers

Experiments Required:

You'll need to enable Beta APIs for this addon to work, it's a scripted addon.

Required Experiments for the Hearthstone Addon

This is my first scripted addon, so if you find any errors, please let me know.

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