Soul Bound Items | New Crafting Table Update

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Do you want a way to not lose your equipment when you die? This addon is just for you! This addon adds a new item to the game called the "Soul Stone". With this soul stone, you can bind your items to you even if you die.

How To:

In the Soul Anvil screen, combine the soul stone with the equipment or item of your choice.

Binding the Diamond Axe on Soul Anvil

  • The soul stone only works for equipments, such as armors, pickaxe, axe, sword, etc.
  • The soul stone might also work for some other custom item addons.

Crafting the soul anvil:

Soul Anvil Recipe

Crafting the soul stone:

Soul Stone Recipe

Even if you remove the addon from the world, the equipment that has a soul bound will still be soul bounded.

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Required Experiments:

Required Experiments for Soul Bound Items Addon

Download links
Soul Bound Items Addon 1.20.40+ STABLE (Boostellar)
Soul Bound Items Behavior Pack (Boostellar)
Soul Bound Items Resource Pack (Boostellar)
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40