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The True Alcohol mod contains a vast variety of alcoholic drinks for you to make, below will be a tutorial on how to make them.

Starting off, to begin you may want to have a large enough farm containing a mixture of: wheat, potato's, carrots, beetroot, sugarcane and even a method of getting apples.

A large vegetable garden.

*Example farm

Once you feel you have enough crops start by crafting out a: Fermenter, Fermentation Station, Alcohol Distiller, Glass Forge and an Alcohol Finalizer

Tools that are necessary for the preparation of alcohol.

Crafting Recipe's

Craft recipe for Fermenter.

Craft recipe for Fermentation Station.

Craft recipe for Alcohol Distiller.

Craft recipe for Glass Forge.

Craft recipe for Alcohol Finaliser.

Before we begin we are also going to need a way to produce yeast, craft a Yeast Growth Petri Dish and wait for some yeast to gather, then destroy the dish to collect the yeast.

Craft recipe for Yeast Growth Petri Dish.

*Crafting a Yeast Growth Petri Dish

Get your crops in hand and interact with the Fermenter to get some Fermented Substance

Using Fermenter to get some Fermented Substance.

*Interacting with the Fermenter

Combine your Yeast and Fermented Substance along with a Water Bottle to make Pure Alcohol

Craft recipe for Alcohol.

*Making Alcohol

Take a look in your Alcohol Finalizer here we can make all sorts of alcohol: beer ale cider gin rum vodka wine and lager can be made, decide on what ingredients

Craft recipe for Lager.

*We require Distilled Alcohol and Fermented Wheat and an Empty Lager Bottle

To Distill our Alcohol interact with the Alcohol Distiller

Using the Alcohol Distiller.

*Interacting with the Alcohol Distiller

We also still need Fermented Wheat go to the Fermentation Station and combine regular Wheat and Fermented Substance

Craft recipe for Fermented Wheat.

*Crafting Fermented Wheat

To Create The Bottle go to the Glass Forger, here we can get increase valued Glass crafting Recipes and are able to make Empty Bottles. Lets craft Empty Lager Bottles

Using the Glass Forge.

*A Look into the Glass Forge

Finally we can make our beverage back at the Alcohol Finaliser and enjoy a Cold One

Craft recipe for Lager.

Drinking the Lager.

*Enjoying a cold one on the beach

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1.19.20 1.19.0 1.18.0 1.17.0