Random Loot (By Killing a Mob)

Thumbnail: Random Loot (By Killing a Mob)

A modScript/addon that will drop items upon killing any mob and will drop items such as enchanted apples, nether stars, and many more.

# How to play:

Simply kill any mob, and they will drop random items of any type.
The only purpose is to have fun getting random items.

Crouching will temporarily disable the addon.

# Demonstration:

Random Loot (By Killing a Mob): Demonstration

# How to install:

  • Download and install the behavior pack.
  • Activate the behavior pack in your world settings.
  • Activate the "Beta APIs" option for the correct functioning of the addon.

Required Experiments for Random Loot (By Killing a Mob) Addon

# Info:

Updated on February 12

  • The addon works correctly again in Minecraft 1.20.60
Download links
RandomLootMobs (.mcpack) (Behavior Pack)
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50