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The Bread Species, Egglets, & Other Pets - all have similar characteristics of: Cats, Allays, Golems, Horses, & Bees. Can be Tamed, Ridden, & Flown!
Give them random items & see what you get in return!

The Breadly's

Are magical bread beings who explore & interact with the world and can exchange to you random items!

The Breadly's: Screenshot 1

The Breadly's: Screenshot 2


Use New Fruit Item to Tame, Can be Obtained from Breadly's!

Player Riding a Chocobo: Screenshot

Breadling & Egglet

Breadling & Egglet: Screenshot 1

Both Have Similar Characteristics of:
Cats, Allays, Golems, Horses, & Bees.

Can Be Tamed, Ridden, & Flown!

Fly & Control Egglet by holding 1 Egg, Hold 2 to ascend faster!

Fly & Control Breadling by holding 1 Bread, Hold 2 to ascend Faster!

Breadling & Egglet: Screenshot 2

Breadling & Egglet: Screenshot 3


Breadling: Screenshot

Just Eating Bread is Boring... So I Brought it To Life!
Very entertaining entities & Will Continue Development.

  • Produces bread & can be given items in exchange for other items.
  • Use a glass bottle to harvest them.
  • Use a bucket to harvest them.
  • Giving things to breadlings provides them the ability to further grow their species & will make them more likely to brings gifts/look out for you.
  • Feed them/trade them any type of Seeds, Apples, Raw Sugar Canes, Sugar, & of course give them BREAD for items & to heal them/breed them!
  • feed them/trade them any type of Seeds, Apples, Raw Sugar Canes, Sugar, & of course Give Them BREAD For items & to heal them/breed them! ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘‰
  • Loves all crops and plant life blocks (including Pumpkins, Melons & their Stems, Torch Flower things, Pitcher Plant things) and will often roam to sniff plants, look at other blocks & pollinate them if there is pollen attached to their loaf.
  • Will follow you around, produce items for you & bring you gifts occasionally.
  • Not very smart, as their bread brain is kinda soggy, but will defend you & love you till their dying breath.
  • Can live inside Hives & Haybales.


Egglet: Screenshot

  • Cute hovering egg companion, will have many unique attributes & make the game more interesting!
  • Super strong warrior companion that will defend you once tamed.
  • Tame with Sniffer Eggs, Emeralds, Diamonds, & Apples/Sweet Things.
  • Can be harvested/given various items & will give you other items back. (Lateral Trades)
  • Occasionally produces & brings you gifts.
  • Hovers nearby and cares for you/defends you at all costs.
  • Can be given various items in lateral system trades.
  • Giving Egglets items provides them the ability to further grow their species.
  • Trade them Sticks, Leaves, Eggs, Sniffer Egg, Torch Flower Things, Pitcher Plant Things, Glass Bottle, Bucket, & Various Foods.

Updated on March 27

  • Updated Breadling, Egglet, Creepet, & Mini Pets
  • Added new pets: Breadly's, Ants, Chocobo, & Bears
  • Started development of even more pets!
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