Bed Voting Add-On

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This add-on lets you vote on whether you want to skip the night or not! If one player wants to sleep but everyone else wants to get monster loot, no worries!

Bed Voting: Screenshot

One player doesn't want to sleep? Doesn't affect you!

Sleep in a bed to start a vote. When a vote starts, type .y or .n to vote. The vote will end after 30 seconds. If the majority votes yes, the night will be skipped. If the majority votes no or there is a tie, the night will not be skipped.

If a vote ends in a no or tie, a cooldown will activate before the next vote can start. Admins can enable and disable the cooldown with these commands:

  • Disable: .cooldown disable
  • Enable: .cooldown enable

Showcase Video:

Updated on March 13

  • Updated to support Minecraft 1.20.70
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Download Bed Voting Add-On v1.0.1[mcpack, 142.18 Kb]
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