Cave Dweller Experience

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An addon that recreates the cavenoise.jar mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Adding a real threat to Minecraft caves.

Notice! This add-on is in the development phase, so it may have errors.


Cave Dwellers are scary creatures that appear in Minecraft caves.

Cave Dweller will produce terrifying sounds and noises when approaching the player.

When Cave Dweller finds you, he will certainly not hesitate to chase you. It will produce frightening screams, and will run at speed after you. Until you leave the cave, you are certainly not safe.

Cave Dweller: Screenshot



Download the original mod for Java Edition + Credits to the creator Gargin

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Download from Mediafire
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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  1. No avatar image LoneRex
    Just downloaded this to my little sisters world
  2. No avatar image jotz
    do you need to activate experimental features
  3. Please create the midnight lurker
  4. No avatar image Eero
    Can you make reimagined one pls
  5. Cรณmo instalรณ el mod en Minecraft?
  6. ฤฐ loved this mod really but When we look at the cave dweller, can we escape from time to time? I saw it in the java version.
  7. This plus Cave echoing is a pure masterpiece

    The idea of the cave dweller always interested me more then any of the other dwellers

    Since it actually feels like a Realistic hunter

    Other dweller can still be good but they lack in something idk what doe

    You shud make a Nightmare.jar addon
    1. IceKingA profile avatar IceKingA
      I have made Nightmare.jar
    2. IceKingA profile avatar IceKingA
      Here's the link
  8. Why do people like horror so much okay to be fair I did make a horror map
  9. Hola lr game soy yo a que que te dio la idea del goatman en shadowcraft 3 goatman update
    Este addon estรก increรญble y si quieres te puedo pasar el discord de FEARCRAFT