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This add-on adds a Shop UI. You can buy something using Shop UI, you can set your money, sell items you want, you can even set the selling and buying prices!


Building Blocks, Natural Blocks, Redstone Tools, Equipments, Utilites, Foods, Farms, Dyes, Ores, Mob Drops, Spawn Eggs, & Potions.

Shop UI Menu


You can change the objective, and other settings in config:

Config File


You can change the prices of items in the configuration file.

Note, if you make a small mistake when changing the price, it will cause errors.

Prices Config File

How to open the menu:

  • Hold items to open the menu.

Updated on April 11

  • New update: 1.20.70+
  • Fixed a crash in the menu display & improved buying and selling prices.
Changelog for March 27 / Old Update
  • Added a workink.net link.
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[1.20.70] Shop UI
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  1. Worst1 profile avatar Worst1
    Great addon
    1. Thank you ❤️
  2. Nice addon but can you support 1.20.10 I would really appreciate it!
  3. No funciona en lo absoluto tampoco entendí nada y tu descripción solo es una foto, agradecería que me expliques cómo funciona
    1. Engine404 profile avatar Engine404
      In the file configuration section, you can change the prices in the shop
    2. Engine404 profile avatar Engine404
      In Config, you can change the scorecard objective, currency display, items used to open the shop, commands, and money for players who first join your world.
    3. Engine404 profile avatar Engine404
      This addon requires experimental mode
      1. Rizari profile avatar Rizari
        Which one and how ti get the shop on
        1. Engine404 profile avatar Engine404
          Item_use: Item Id
          Item Which will open the menu translate: google