Storage Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)

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This addon is the Storage Delight Mod unofficial port on bedrock edition and reproduced to the greatest extent possible.

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Port Permission

The Storage Delight mod on Java edition is under the MIT License. This license allows me to port it to bedrock edition. Here is the license link:ย axperty/storagedelight-forge (

Special thanks to axperty for creating this excellent mod!

โ—† Cabinets and Drawers

Lots of cabinets and drawers that have been added:

Cabinets and Drawers: Screenshot

Drawers or cabinets each have 27 slots.

Cabinet: UI

Finally, thanks for downloading!

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Storage Delight [1.12.70]
Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)
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  1. No avatar image z3taaaa
    Hey bro can u make the port of farmer's respite?
    1.  profile avatarMoaswies profile avatar Moaswies
      if I have time