Corn Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)

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This addon is the Corn Delight Mod unofficial port on bedrock edition and reproduced to the greatest extent possible.

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Port Permission

The Corn Delight mod on Java edition is under the MIT License. This license allows me to port it to bedrock edition. Here is the license link: Corn-Delight: Farmer's Delight Addon with Corn/Maize (github.com)

Special thanks to sz0999312 for creating this excellent mod!

◆ Foods and Drinks

Lots of foods and drinks that have been added:

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 1

Foods and Drinks: Screenshot 2

◆ Blocks

You can store corn kernels and maize.

Blocks: Screenshot

◆ Crops

This mod adds one new crop, maize. The wild corn can generate as wild crops around the world.

Wild Maize Crops: Screenshot

Corn kernels can be obtained when cutting corn or wild corn using a cutting board. You can use them on farmland.

Maize and Wild Corn: Screenshot

Grown Maize Crops: Screenshot

◆ Cooking Pot Recipes

The cooking pot will display the cooking pot recipes in this addon.

Cooking Pot Recipes

◆ Updated on April 17

  1. Updated to 1.20.80.
  2. Fix the bug when can't craft corn crate.
Changelog for April 17 / Old Update
  1. Fixed error feedback when interacting with Nachos.

Finally, thanks for downloading!

Download links
Farmer's Delight Bedrock (Unofficial)
Corn Delight V1.1.0 [1.20.8x]
Corn Delight V1.0.0 [1.20.7x]
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Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70
  1. Will there be a translation into Russian and Ukrainian?
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    This is so good ;-; do you have a discord
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    Hi! I could translate your add-ons and the farmer's delight Addon itself into Russian and Brazilian