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This addon, only done a couple of times before on Bedrock Edition. Literally adds nothing else. But honestly, why would you need anything else? The myth, the legend himself. Has pulled up. Ladies and gentlemen. The Capybara Addon.

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Capybaras: Screenshot

Capybara Animation

  • 35 Health (17 and a half hearts.)

This addon adds an animal called a “Capybara”. An animal native to South America and is the largest and most chill rodent. They can be found in swamps, jungles, and mangrove swamps and do not attack any mob, neither should mobs attack them. Including you.

  • You can find them naturally spawning in jungle biomes.
  • They naturally spawn in three slightly different but noticeable sizes.


Capybaras are very fond of watermelons. If you feed her, she will be tamed and will follow you around and also teleport to you when you're too far away.

Taming the Capybara

Sitting Capybaras: Screenshot

If you want a capybara, (which you should like, come on, look at them). They can be tamed with melons. When tamed, they will follow you around and also teleport to you when you're too far away.

You can also have them sit down. Because convivence.


Items for Capybara Breeding

If you want more of them, they are based on their real counterparts. Adult capybaras can be bred with the following items:

  • Sugar Cane
  • Tallgrass
  • Seagrass
  • Sticks
  • Potato's
  • Sea Pickles


The Player is Sitting on a Capybara

Capybara with Saddle

If you put a saddle on a capybara, you can actually ride it and control it.

Note: If you start riding one, and they’re not tamed, they might wander off in a random direction mid-travel. They‘re chill with a walk, but they don’t know you like that yet.

Literal Living Jet Ski:

Capybara with a Player on the Water

They also travel very fast in water. They are literal jet skis.


Costume Basket Recipe

Capybaras Costumes in v1.2

Giving Capybara a Costume

Along with being able to tame capybaras and bring them along with you on your journey, you can also put cute outfits on them.

In order to give a capybara a costume, you will need to craft an item called the "Costume Basket". Once that is crafted, you can use the basket on the mob itself, and it will shuffle through its costume list. At the moment, the list is randomized, but that may be changed further down the line.

In order to take a costume off, simply sneak and interact with the costume basket in hand to remove any existing costume they have on.


  • Sounds Used are from these YouTube videos:

"Capybara barks. The sound a capybara makes as a warning."

"What does a Capybara sound like?"

Updated on February 25

Update v1.2.0.1: Hotfix

  • Pack is compatable with 1.20.60
  • Adjusted addon art [[AGAIN]]
  • General fixes.
v1.2 / November 12 / The Autumn Update
  • Updated addon art.
  • Added four new Autumn related outfits.
  • Capybaras can now sit when saddled.
  • Sizes have been adjusted! ...again.
  • Updated some information.
v1.1 / June 08 / Costume Update
  • Capybaras can now be mounted without a saddle.
  • Capybara tame chance has been doubled.
  • Unused swimming animation has been implemented.
  • Sniffing animation is now less aggressive.
  • Added sniffing sound.
  • Capybaras no longer turn into zombie pigman.
  • Capybaras walking in a totally different direction while riding in a direction has been reduced.
  • New pack art.
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