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The add-on adds a tomb that will store your things when you die, it will give you a key that will allow you to open your tomb, it will also allow you to teleport to your tomb to get there faster, in the same way information will appear in your chat and the key will appear. About where to find your tomb, you can only open your tomb and not those of others since the key only works with tombs that have your name.

Update ๐Ÿ”ฅ


Functions โœ”๏ธ

At the moment of death, a tomb is generated with the player's name, and will also give you a key that will allow you to open the tomb, only if it belongs to you and if the key corresponds to the tomb.

Tomb and Key

If the key is enchanted, it will allow you to teleport to the tomb that was generated at the time of death and collect the items, to open the tomb you must hit the tomb with the key, and the stored items will be released.

Opening a Tomb With Key

The key has information that the player can use to guide himself and find his tomb and also to know which tomb the key corresponds to.

Key Information

The information will also appear in the chat to see it more quickly.

Death Information in the Chat

If you die in lava, a bucket of dirt will spawn that will protect the tomb and the player once they teleport to collect their stuff. If you die in lava, don't worry, as the tomb will generate a dirt structure that will protect all your items and the same tomb, and so when you teleport you don't get burned trying to open it.

Tomb in Lava


Experimental Options ๐Ÿ”ฎ

For a better gaming experience, it is highly recommended to activate all these experimental options.

Required Experiments for StoneTombs Addon

Updated on February 10

  • Tomb functions updated
  • Made compatible with versions 1.20.5x and 1.20.6x of Minecraft Bedrock
  • Updated the manifest to stop using unnecessary experimental games
  • The gametest was updated for current versions
  • Fixed bugs with the key when trying to open tombs
  • Fixed errors with the dimensions of the tomb
  • The error of maintaining inventory was resolved
Changelog for November 12 / Old Update
  • Fixed error that the tomb did not give the key when dying
  • Errors that appeared in the log were removed
  • Made compatible with 1.20.41
Changelog for October 30 / Old Update
  • Bug with multi key fixed
  • Error of not being able to open grave when dying in lava has been solved
  • The addon was made compatible with version 1.20.4x of minecraft bedrock
  • Fixed bug that did not save armor on some occasions
Changelog for October 19 / Old Update
  • Fixed the error that items were not stored in the grave when dying in water
  • Removed zombies and skeletons from appearing when opening tombs
  • Keys can now be thrown away if the tomb is not worth opening
Changelog for December 12 / Old Update
  • Compatibility with current versions of Minecraft 1.19.50
Changelog for November 28 / Old Update
  • Compatibility with current versions of Minecraft 1.19.41
Changelog for October 03 / Old Update
  • Compatibility with current versions of Minecraft 1.19.30+
  • Added a total of 6 new models for tombs.
  • There is now a chance for zombies with player names to spawn when opening graves.
  • Added a key that opens all kinds of tombs that can only be obtained in creative mode.
  • Removed the addon subpack.
  • Fixed bugs on servers.
Download links
StoneTombs Addon BH (Random Key Enchated)[mcpack, 85.65 Kb]
StoneTombs Addon BH (Key Enchanted)[mcpack, 85.55 Kb]
StoneTombs Addon RS[mcpack, 108.31 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40
2 127