Mystical Agriculture: Bedrock Edition (v1.4)

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Mystical Agriculture is a Java mod, created by BlakeBr0, which I have now recreated for Bedrock Edition! As a successor to the Magical Crops mod, this add-on is based around the idea of farming various resources, like diamonds, blaze rods, and even dirt if you'd like, all using crops!

Note: The original mod is MIT Licensed.

Check it out if you play Java Edition.

This add-on works by collecting essence from crops to form the material you desire for a crafting table. Now you can endlessly farm essential resources and kick your feet up!


Watering Can

By interacting with any vanilla or new crop, you can use a watering can to progressively grow it until it matures. It has an infinite number of uses, so go nuts!

Watering Can Recipe

To start out, you will need to discover these two new types of ores from either stone or deepslate in caves:

Prosperity Ore

This drops Prosperity Shards, used for making seed bases.

Prosperity Ore: Screenshot

Inferium Ore

This drops Inferium Essence, used as the base component for making various seeds.

Inferium Ore: Screenshot

This essence is also farmable by making Inferium Seeds for yourself!

Prosperity Seed Base Recipe

Inferium Seeds Recipe

Infusion Altar

To make higher tier seeds, you must create a multi-block structure for the Infusion Altar:

Infusion Altar

Infusion Altar Recipe

Along with this, you will need to surround the Altar with 8 pedestals to activate it.

Infusion Pedestal

Infusion Pedestal Recipe

If placed correctly, an XP ding sound effect will be made, indicating it can be used.

Infusion Altar and Infusion Pedestals: Screenshot

Infusion Altar UI

Upgrading Essence

Once making the Infusion Altar, you can make higher tier seeds, but you may wonder how to get different types of essence. Well, you first need an Infusion Crystal:

Infusion Crystal

Infusion Crystal Recipe

This can then be used to upgrade your essence.

Prudentium Essence Recipe

Tertium Essence Recipe

Imperium Essence Recipe

Supremium Essence Recipe

Resource Crops

Resource Crops are the simplest to understand. All you need is 4 of the resources that you want to reproduce and 4 of the respectable essence for the seed tier.

Netherite Seeds Recipe

These seeds will drop the essence of the material once mature, which you can then place on the crafting table in specific patterns to obtain the resource you desire.

Netherite Ingot Recipe

For some seeds, you will require some dust under the name "Agglomeratio", which is able to categorize certain resources.

Each recipe is similar, always only needing a 2x2 crafting grid.

Nether Agglomeratio Recipe

These can then be substituted as the resource in the recipe.

Nether Seeds Recipe

Mob Crops

To create seeds from mobs, however, it requires a few more steps.

Soulstone and Soulium

Soulstone can be found in the nether as clumps, and submerged inside it is Soulium Ore.

Soulstone: Screenshot

This ore will drop Soulium Dust, while the Soulstone can be used as decoration; you can also continuously smelt the block to get Soul Dust.

Soul Dust Recipe

With these two dusts obtained, you are now able to make Soul Jars and a Soulium Dagger.

Prosperity Ingot Recipe

Soulium Ingot Recipe

Soul Glass Recipe

Soul Jar Recipe

Soulium Dagger Recipe

Soul Jars and Soulium Dagger

With a Soul Jar in your offhand, attack a mob with the Soulium Dagger, and eventually the jar will fill.

Soul Jar and Soulium Dagger in Hands: Screenshot

Make sure to upgrade your Prosperity Seed Base to Soulium.

Soulium Seed Base Recipe

Once you have 4 filled Soul Jars, you can finally use them to create your seeds.

Zombie Seeds Recipe

Essence Uses

In the most recent update, essence can now be used for various other features:

Prosperity Ingots/Gemstones

The base materials for essence.

Prosperity Ingot Recipe

Prosperity Gemstone Recipe

They are then used for making essence ingots/gemstones.

Upgrading to prudentium or above would require the previous tier of ingots/gemstones.

Inferium Ingot Recipe

Inferium Gemstone Recipe

Essence Armor

Upgrading your armor will provide greater protection and durability.

Upgrading to prudentium or above would require the previous tier of armor.

Inferium Chestplate Recipe

Essence Tools

Upgrading your tools makes them sharper, more durable, and more efficient altogether.

Upgrading to prudentium or above would require the previous tier of tool.

Inferium Pickaxe Recipe

Essence Armors and Swords: Screenshot

Essence Watering Cans

Improving your watering can provide a greater range and efficiency for growing crops.

Upgrading to prudentium or above would require the previous tier of watering can.

Inferium Watering Can Recipe

Growth Accelerators

To automatically grow your crops over time, growth accelerators do just that for you, with each tier providing a greater vertical range above it.

Inferium Growth Accelerator Recipe

Using multiple for each crop will make them grow even faster!

Inferium Growth Accelerators: Screenshot


As of v1.4, you can now fully automate crop collection with the use of Mystical Growth Pots!

Mystical Growth Pots

Mystical Growth Pot Recipe

By default, the crop will remain inside the pot once mature, glowing red particles, until you harvest it.

However, if you interact with the pot with a hopper in your hand, the loot will instead pop out automatically.

If done correctly, a gray rim will appear around the bottom of the pot.

Mystical Growth Pot: Screenshot 1

To fully automate, you can place a real hopper block beneath the pot, surrounded by solid blocks, and the loot will immediately feed into the hopper.

Mystical Growth Pot: Screenshot 2

Add-on Compatibility

The supported list of modded materials you can make into seeds is shown here:

  • Aluminium
  • Alumite
  • Ardite
  • Bronze
  • Cobalt
  • Electrum
  • Enderite
  • Enderium
  • Lead
  • Manyullyn
  • Pig Iron
  • Platinum
  • Rose Gold
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Silver
  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Titanium

Both Tinkers' Construct and Tinker's Legacy are natively supported, but if you want your own add-on supported, you just need to add a few other things.

Add an item tag to your ingot.json file under the format "tag:[MATERIAL]_ingot": {} with the material being any of the ones stated above.

Adding Compatible Item: Step 1

Download the recipe templates .zip file and extract the correct recipe under the "materials from essence" folder.

Adding Compatible Item: Step 2

Adding Compatible Item: Step 3

Inside the recipe file, change the "_modname" to an abbreviation of your add-on's name to avoid overwriting recipes, then change the "template:[MATERIAL]_ingot" to your own custom ingot identifier.

Adding Compatible Item: Step 4

Terms of Use

  • Please don't redistribute this add-on or take credit for it as your own.
  • You can use my code to learn for your own add-ons.
  • This add-on is free to be used in any modpacks/add-on packs, but please link to this page.

Experimental Features

To get access to all current features, make sure to tick these boxes.

Required Experiments for Mystical Agriculture: Bedrock Edition Addon


To repeat, this mod is MIT licensed, which I have added in the behaviour pack for more information, and I have no intent on profiting from this.

Final Note

Thanks for trying out this add-on for yourself. This is another mod I was fascinated with adding to Bedrock Edition.

I will continue to update this add-on to add as many things as I possibly can to it!

If you find any bugs, please tell me, and I'll do my best to fix them.

Download links
Mystical_Agriculture_v1.4[mcaddon, 464.9 Kb]
Mystical_Agriculture_v1.4[zip, 464.9 Kb]
Mystical_Agriculture_Recipe_Templates[zip, 15.41 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50