Items Carrier

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This addon will help you move items from one chest to another. It also works with other addons and is simple to use. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel: @shadowgamer100k

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- How to use it?

Just hold the item in your hand, sneak, and click on the first chest or container from which you want to take the items. Then you go to the other empty chest or container in which you want to put the items that you took from the first chest. Then click on it too, and a menu will appear for you containing a button with the confirmation of the transfer. Press the button. The items will be transferred automatically :)

Items Carrier UI: Screenshot

I told you that addon is easy, the way to work with it is easy, it is also useful, and its size is small, so it will benefit you a lot :)

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Download links
Items Carrier BH 1.20.80
Items Carrier RS 1.20.80
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