Lucky Blocks Add-On v1.8 | 80 NEW Outcomes

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Have you ever wanted to have fun breaking some questionable blocks in Minecraft? Well, I have the perfect add-on for you. Introducing TheBombBard's Lucky Blocks! With sixteen new luck-based blocks and 6 new luck-based items, you will never run out of options.


If you haven't heard of lucky blocks before, they were originally a Minecraft Java mod that allowed the player to craft and test their luck by breaking a new block. My version for Minecraft Bedrock adds sixteen instead of one, and they might need a little explaining.

All new Lucky Blocks

The Lucky Blocks

The blocks all share 131 different outcomes from being broken, and fall into three different sections: progressive, outright, and weighted. I shall explain below.

(There is now a small chance for some of the blocks to generate in the world randomly)


The most "normal" section of the lucky blocks, these progressively get luckier as you use a rarer material.

Dirt -> Wood -> Stone -> Iron -> Gold -> Diamond

Here are the crafting recipes:

Craft recipes for Progressive Lucky blocks.


These blocks only allow one side of the outcomes to be chosen when broken.

Coal = Bad, Netherite = Good

Here are the recipes:

Craft recipes for Outright Lucky blocks.


These blocks can have every outcome, but are heavily weighted to drop a more specific group of outcomes.

Emerald = Villager outcomes, Redstone = Redstone outcomes, Lapis = Enchanting outcomes,

Copper = Equipment outcomes, Amethyst = 1.17 block outcomes,

End Stone = End outcomes, Netherrack = Nether outcomes, Sculk = 1.19 outcomes

Here are the recipes:

Craft recipes for Weighted Lucky blocks.

Lucky Items

There are 6 new lucky items, the lucky defender, protector, preserver, supporter, slayer, and breaker. When used, they have different outcomes too, and they are pretty strong! You can get them when breaking lucky blocks (I recommend breaking copper and netherite lucky blocks for them!)

Items and Armor in the Lucky Blocks Addon


I don't want to spoil them here, so you will have to find all 131 out for yourself, but as a little tease, here is a picture of the aftermath of a couple of my testing worlds while making this:

The world after using Lucky Blocks

Another world after using Lucky Blocks

(not everything is shown in these pictures, not even close, lol)


Enable all of the Experimental Features on your world to ensure this works

You can use these in your own maps, just make sure to credit me somewhere :)


Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@TheBombardYT) for future updates and add-ons!

Updated on October 24


  • 80 new outcomes or events were added across the new armor set
  • Rebalanced armor pieces to be stronger
v1.7 old (October 10)
  • New Lucky Defender, Preserver, and Supporter items, part of the Lucky Armor Set
v1.6 old (October 10)
  • Stone Lucky Blocks can now rarely generate replacing stone in the world
  • Netherrack Lucky Blocks can now rarely generate in the Nether, replacing netherrack
  • End Stone Lucky Blocks can now generate in The End replacing end stone
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