Morellagers. A Better Illager Addon. Version 2.1.4: End Our Eternal Hotfix Suffering, Please.

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Illagers are one of, if not the coolest, mob families in Minecraft, except there is one massive problem with these mean Villagers. There are entirely way too few Illager types, and Illagers in general! So we decided that we would fix it! Hi, we're Nul And Diz Studios, and welcome to Morellagers, an expansion addon for Illagers! Does not use Player.json, making it compatible with all mods that don't mess with the json's of the Vanilla Illagers.


This addon is made by Nul And Diz Studios, and you are not allowed to claim it as your own. This addon is to never be posted on any other website, it is to stay here on ModBay! You may use this in videos and addon packs, as long as you have a link to this mod and give proper crediting. This is a must do!

Credit and Illagers.

Currently, there are 20 new Illagers, 8 Illager War Machines, 2 new pets, 5 new structures, and 2 new Villagers added to the game. You'll learn who they are later. But first, Crediting!


Credit to all these cool guys that help this Addon be epic!


Huge thanks to ForeverAPigman for letting us use the behaviors, models, and animations of his Netherite Golem and Redstone Golem. Also, thanks for letting us use your Redstone Golem texture. Go check out his mod Ore Golems, it's where he gave us his mobs. Thanks Pigman!


Special thanks to ItsDarkwolf6 for some pieces of coding for the Mistic Evocationer's casting patterns, and a few other pieces of coding. Huge thanks as well for letting us use the old portal for The Martyr from Martyr's Dawn, the first update. Big credit, because Johnllagers Jumpscare runs on his Krampus Engine coding. Thanks, Darkwolf!


Big thanks to EmptyCoso for letting us use his Corrupted Cauldron and Cauldron Slime model, textures, and Animations. Thanks!

Yellowbross Production

Huge thanks to Yellowbross Productions for letting us port his terrifying illager, Freakager into Morellagers! All credit goes to him, he is the original Creator of Freakager.

Illage and Spillage Link!

Permission from Yellowbross Production


Special thanks to Pingu for creating the redesigns for the Advanced Redstone and Obsidian Golems! He also redesigned the Executioner! Without his help, they would look far worse than they are now!

Modman Productions

Huge thanks to Modman Productions for making Freakagers boss theme. With him, Freakager is now even better!

Addon uses Holiday Creator Features and Custom biomes. Make sure to turn these on, or the addon will NOT work!

Required Experimental Options

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Our Goal with Morellagers!

Our goal with Morellagers, besides making it fun for you guys and us, is to make it the Number 1 Illager addon on ModBay! When you search "Illager" in ModBay, we want Morellagers to be the most popular Addon! So why not help us out with our goal? Download the Addon, and give it a nice review! And give us your ideas for Illagers! We want you, the Community, to make this the Greatest Illager Addon for BE and PE! Thanks for reading our goal, enjoy the Addon!

Morellagers works for Minecraft difficulties Normal and Hard mode.

Normal mode, for the player that wants a less intense Raid. Hard mode, for the player that wants an true Challenge. You no longer need Enchanted Netherite armor to take out a raid. Diamond Armor is the max you need, and enchants are suggested but are optional.

Morellagers difficulties are used with Minecraft Difficulties. If you use Morellagers Normal, make sure that the Minecraft difficulty is Normal Mode. If you use Morellagers Hard mode, then make sure to use Minecraft difficulty Hard mode.

Vanilla Illager Changes.

The Pillager and Witch will no longer despawn due to a bug that occurred in the making of Version 1, where they would immediately despawn the moment they left your render distance during Raids. The Witch is now a part of the Illager family, meaning they will now attack Iron Golems. Witches really should be part of the Illager family on default, they're in Raids in the base game, after all. Vindicators now wield a new axe, the Vindicator Axe. It can only be made by the mysterious Illager Blacksmiths, so don't expect to learn how to make this dangerous axe. It does NOT chop wood, for 2 reasons. 1: It's a weapon of battle, not a lumberjacks tool. 2: Making actually good tools in Bedrock Edition is stupidly difficult to pull off. Wandering Traders now have better trades! We have added and edited some trades for him to make him even better. We also removed some useless trades, such as all the flower trades. You can pick them up so easily!

Morellagers bosses now have music!

Freakager, and both the Redstone and Obsidian Monstrosities now have Boss Music! However, it does NOT play naturally. You have to manually play the music by interact (Pocket Edition), Left Click (Console), or Right Click (PC) on the bosses with the new Headphones item. When you do so, you can now hear the awesome boss tracks provided!

Morellagers LORE!

What, you thought that this would be a regular Addon? No! We have to add insane lore to it, or it won't be fun! Enjoy reading the rise of this powerful Faction!

Warning! This lore contains spoilers to Minecraft Dungeons. Yes, the Minecraft Multiverse is real. If you plan to or are currently playing MC Dungeons, then DO NOT read this lore. With that disclaimer out of the way, enjoy!

The Vengeful Heart of Ender was dead. The heroes had slain this Alien, Unearthly Behemoth. Every shard of the Orb Of Dominance was gone, ending the source of corruption. While the heroes were destroying the shards, however, an old enemy they had defeated was being resurrected by his minions. The Nameless One was revived, only to see that because of the destruction of the Orb, everything from their land was being erased. All armors, weapons and artifacts were rendered useless, and mobs were being transformed into basic enemies. The Nameless One knew that action must be happened upon. He gathered his best Necromancers and Vanguards, and used an ancient spell to encase them, and to put them to sleep. For 10,000 years. They stayed asleep, untouched by the turn of time. After the 10,000 years had gone up, they awoke in a Desert Temple, at least, so it was called.

“What is this? What manner of Temple is this? This is not the Temple I controlled! The turn of time must have changed all existing structures, or they were destroyed and rebuilt by some fools thinking they could create something grander.” The Nameless One remarked. All structures from the 10,000 years past were destroyed, and in their place, the structures we now know of today. They left the temple, and discovered a Mountain. The Nameless One had his Skeletons dig out a hole to make camp in, while he made his next plan of action. Little did he know, his next plan would be easier then he believed...

Over in a Woodland Mansion, Illagers were training to become Vindicators, Pillagers, and Evokers. All Illagers did well in their training, for all Illagers are born with a special trait. These traits are what makes a Pillager a Pillager, and an Evoker a Evoker. Traits are born something Illagers are born with, it can be the gift of Archery, the gift of Magic, or the gift of Sword-fighting. Every Illagers are born with this gift, except one. A young Illager was not liked by any other Illager. He had no traits, and had two different colored eyes. One lime green, one bright orange. They decided that a worthless Illager like him should not have the right to live any longer.

"A useless Illager is no Illager!" Many of the Illagers said. Fearing for his life, he ran away in the night, desperately fleeing to survive. He traveled for days running from them. He feared that Players would see him, and end him then and there. 5 days later, he stumbled upon a village, and to his dismay, an Iron Golem saw him and chased him. He ran from the golem, but was not fast enough. The iron golem came, but then, from somewhere and nowhere at the same time, a sword fashioned of a strange, red iron came and killed it. The illager looked everywhere, but did not see who killed it. Then, from nowhere, a mysterious figure came.

“What a waste of iron. They should've used it on anvils. A much smarter use of your iron.” His savior said. He then turned and looked at the helpless Illager. He looked into his eyes, and straight through his eyes. What he saw wasn't uselessness, but raw, unhinged power. Power unused, such grand, mystical power.

“Such wasted potential you have. Come with me, I will help you harness this strength of yours” But the Illager was skeptical. He thought this mystery person was playing a trick on him.

“Your lying. I don't have any potential in me, What are you trying to do to me?” said the colored eyed Illager.

“Ah, but you do have potential! And such powerful potential at that, all hidden and locked away within you. Now come, and I will make this power come to the light!” Without another word from both, a ray of bright light emitted from the unknown figure, right onto the Illager! He thought it was all over, but instead of pain, he felt strength. Power flowed through him like a raging wave, and when he opened his eyes, he was wearing a different outfit, and in his right hand, he held and Axe made of pure Emeralds. It was massive, and looked incredibly heavy, but he handled it with only one hand, like it was nothing.

“What did you do? I feel... stronger.” He said, as he looked at his new outfit. It had golden buttons on it, it was longer then a normal Vindicator robe, and the line that connected the vest was bright red.

“I released your true power, and threw in a little creation of my own. As for the cloths, it represents your new name, because from now on, you are to be called the Vindicator Master.” And with that, another bright light flashed, and when the light dispersed, he was back at the old mansion. With this power, he felt like nothing could or would stop him. He then marched right into the Woodland Mansion, and took a look around. Some Illagers were around and about, and they saw him. They recognized him instantly, and they grew angered.

“Your still alive? How dare you still live, and come back to this mansion! Prepare to face your demise!” Vindicators rushed towards him, but he did not care. From nowhere, his massive Emerald Axe appeared in his right hand, and he slashed the three Vindicators around him. They fell down, alive but greatly wounded. All the other Illagers looked terrified. How had this useless outcast gotten so powerful? And where did he get that axe? Without another word, he looked around and proclaimed.

“Hear me, and hear me good! I am no longer the weak Illager you once knew! I am now better! Stronger! You will all hear me, and do as I say, because I am now the second Illager King! I am the Vindicator Master!” Silence followed. He looked around, and then a chant broke out.

“Master! Master! Master!” He grinned with delight. He now knew what to do next. Combine all the Illager tribes into one, massive empire. He would achieve what the first king attempted. He would do what the Arch-Illager failed at. He would become a true king, with no corruption in him. He was now the second king, the Vindicator Master.

Two Vindicators and a Pillager were traveling to go to the nearby Mansion. They needed to help unite all the Illagers, as the Vindicator Masters decree.

"Do you think we're almost there?" one of the Vindicators said. They had been walking for what felt like a week. But in reality, it had been two days.

"We're close, but not yet there." said the Pillager. As they were walking, A Player patrol came by. The last thing they needed, to fight Players! There was three players, and each one saw the three traveling Illagers.

"After the Illager scum!" One of the Players said. The Players chased the Illagers. They were chased till they almost hit a ravine. The Illagers were cornered, with two options. Jump into the hole, or try to fight.

"This is the end!" A Vindicator said.

“Quick, jump! Its not that deep!” Shouted the Pillager. They jumped. They all landed on three hearts, but they didn't escape. The Players MLG Water Bucketed down into the ravine. It was the end. Or so they thought. On the other side of the wall, something ancient had gathered enough power to reactivate. It heard the shouts of the Players, and something in clicked. A bright light glowed in a cave. A beast of ancient times had awoken. The Redstone Monstrosity had been reactivated. The wall got wrecked by the Monstrosity as it smashed its way out to save the Illagers. They were all in shock.

"What is that?! A Redstone Monstrosity?!" A Player yelled. It had not much energy, but enough to kill the players. Its three eyes glowed as it saw the Players. It had been dead for so long, it wanted a good fight. The Players, however, did not. They ran as fast as they could to get out of the massive ravine.

"A Redstone Monstrosity! I thought that they were gone! All of them!" The Pillager exclaimed. It turned out that all of them were not gone, and they soon found that out as the Monstrosity moved from the hole it made. In that hole, was a small cave teaming with inactive Redstone Golems, dead with inactivity!

“Quick, we must tell the Vindicator Master! He needs to hear this immediately!” A Vindicator yelled. They arrived at the Vindicator Master's Mansion, and told him the amazing news. The Vindicator Master was shocked, yet extremely please. He order Illagers to dig around the area, for more of these beasts could be hidden. After many hours of digging out the hole, they saw what seemed to be hundreds of inactive Redstone Golems. Within this hole, was blueprints on how to make these War Golems, and to do so, they needed Diamonds. And lots of diamonds. But with these blueprints of Redstone Golems, was one that stood out, was one that had the schematics for a Monster made of Obsidian. It was the blueprints for an incomplete monstrosity, it was for the Obsidian Monstrosity. The Vindicator Master was thrilled by these discoveries, but he wanted to make his own, so he ordered that many Pillagers were to be trained in the skill of Forgery of these Redstone and Obsidian Golems and Monstrosities. He made two kinds of these forgers, one for Redstone, and one for Obsidian. He called these Illager makers Constructors, because it was their job to construct Golems.

After hundreds of more Redstone Golems were made, the Vindicator Master ordered that the construction of the Obsidian Monstrosity to begin. He knew that this massive Mammoth of Obsidian could not be made in the Mansion, so he had some Illagers make a Keep dedicated to its creation. After a week, it was finished! He wanted to have go for a test, so he started looking for good villages to have it raid. But while he was searching, the Monstrosity got angry from waiting. So it took matters into its own hands, and smashed the walls of the Keep, and started looking for a Village by itself. The King was shocked, yet he wanted to see what it would do. And to his surprise, and anger, he found two massive flaws in the Obsidian Monstrosity. For one, it was lazy. It would rather just chill out then fight. And two, it hated Redstone Monstrosities. The Vindicator Master did not know how to fix this, but he is a patient Illager, and he would wait for these bugs to be worked out. For now, he was pleased with its power, for it could attack three times in a row, and had masses of health. These War Machines would be his greatest weapons.

With the discovery of the Redstone War machines, and the creation of the Obsidian Monstrosity, the Illagers felt like they were unstoppable. But the Vindicator Master felt otherwise. He felt like they were missing something great. He pondered and pondered, but couldn't shake of the feeling like he needed to go. He felt like something, no, someone was calling him. Eventually, he could not bear the feeling any longer, so he gathered his finest troops with him and headed out. He felt like the person was calling him from a desert. After a half a day journey, they reached a grand Desert Temple, it was larger then any Temple he had ever seen.

“What a Temple! It could house an intire army in there!” exclaimed one of the Vindicators with him.

“It is grand, and it may hold an intire army in there, waiting for us, so they can feed on our flesh or something. Proceed with caution!” commanded the Vindicator Master. They entered. But it was empty. No one was there, or so it seemed. As they reached the end, a raspy voice from seemingly nowhere said,

“Ah, you came. I have been expecting you for some time now. Its good to see you came.” The voice said. Then the speaker came from the shadows. It was the ancient king, the Nameless One. The Illagers looked at him in shock. They thought he had died all those years ago!

“Shocked? Ha ha ha. You should be, but fear not. Because I have brought you here for business, not for any ill intentions.” the Nameless One said. The Vindicator Master then regained his voice, and said to him,

“You bring us here for business? What kind of business? My ears are open, tell me your request!” He said to the necromancer king. The Nameless One chuckled.

“My request, is an alliance. You are powerful, and I too am powerful. With our forces combined, we can do many things. So? Do you take me up on my offer?” The Nameless One knew, however, that he would say yes. No Illager can resist an offer of power. To the Nameless One's surprise, the Vindicator Master sort of half refused with a simple question.

“I am intrigued, but I do not think that would be of much use to me. Thank you for your offer, but I must think it over.” The Vindicator Master replied. The Illagers with him were shocked! How could their king decline such power? The Nameless One shook of his shock and replied.

“That is fair. I will come to your Mansion in a weeks time for your answer. Good day.” And with that, the Nameless One warped them back to their home, the Woodland Mansion.

A week had pasted, and the Vindicator Master had came to his decision. He sat on his throne, and then, from nowhere, the Nameless One materialized.

“How you came to your decision?” The Nameless One asked.

“Yes, I have. My decision, is that I accept your offer. Let us have an alliance, and let us not betray one another, like the Arch-Illager did to you all those years ago.” The Vindicator Master got off his throne, and shook hands with the Nameless One, signifying their alliance and friendship. From that moment on, the King of the Undead, and the King of the Illagers formed an undestoryable bond of friendship, and power.

If you are wondering, yes, the Nameless One will come. It is a matter of time before he sets out his plan. If you enjoyed the story, give us some ideas! We have only said the prolog and haven't mentioned any of the new Illagers. Give us some ideas on how these new Illagers came to be, and in the order you think is most appropriate! Next update, we will choose the one we like the most and make it official Morellagers Lore!

If you want to learn the rest of the Lore, then play the addon and let the story unfold!

The Illager Structures

These structures generate randomly across your world, housing powerful and deadly Illagers with them!

Illusioner Training Cabin

Builders: DiZaRkY, TheEntityNul, Sierra3246

Where do Illusioners come from? The Taiga? Close, the Illusioner Training Cabin! The finest school to turn a Pillager into an Illusioner, but its also the only school. But let's keep that our secret, hmm? Better be careful when approaching this cabin, it has 5 Pillagers in there, training to become Illusioners, and there is even a real Illusioner in there, overlooking their training! The reward for raiding this training school? Emeralds, some Bows, Arrows, even Allays! There may just be some hidden loot in the Attic, if you can see the ladder. Hint, its not very hidden. They spawn in Snowy Taigas and Taigas. We suggest looking for them in Snowy Taigas, because they seem to be a bit more common in Snowy Taigas. Do you dare interrupt school-time? Or will you go to detention?

Illusioner Training Cabin

Forging Outpost

Builders: DiZaRkY, Sierra3246

You hear pounding in the distance, and you investigate. What you see, is the Forging Outpost! This Outpost spawns rarely in Savannas, and contains good loot, IF you can get past the Obsidian Golem they keep in a cage for construction. This Outpost has 3 Pillagers in it. The loot is good, and it looks pretty nice too. But tread carefully, for if you are not careful, you will be slain by the Obsidian Golem in the cage.

Forging Outpost

Frozen Outpost

Builders: TheEntityNul, DiZaRkY

In the freezing cold of the Frozen Plains, you see a tower looming in the distance, and at closer observation, you see the Frozen Outpost. This Outpost has Iceologers and Pillagers roaming the floors, guarding it. Within the chest, holds a Sentry Smithing Template buried under under Snow and Ice. Do you dare face the Iceologers to obtain this rare armor decor?

Frozen Outpost

Iceologer Cabin

Builder: TheEntityNul

After wandering in the snow, you are tired and weary, and you wish to rest, but you must keep on. In the distance, you see a light illuminating the dark, snowy sky. You rush to it in hopes of another Human living there. As you approach it and enter, you find out the hard way, that this house is indeed the Iceologer Cabin. You see a cozy, homey cabin, then turn away, unless ready. You find them in Snowy Slopes and Ice Plains, but your most likely to just find them in Ice Plains, because Cherry Groves replace many Snowy Slopes. Do you dare barge into the Iceologers Cousy house?

Iceologer Cabin

Patrol Camp

Builder: TheEntityNul

Wandering through the forests, you stumble upon white tents hanging out in the trees. But be warned! These tents have Pillager Swordsmen in them! You have found a Patrol Camp! These things have Pillager Swordsmen guarding them, with some mid-tier loot inside them. Easy to take out, but best be prepared either way!

Patrol Camp

Execution Grounds

Builders: TheEntityNul, DiZaRkY

Walking in the open fields of the Plains biome, there lays one of many Execution Grounds, where Executioner Illagers preform the many deaths of Players and Villagers alike. Filled with a handful of deadly devices and a torture device with lava, Executioners wait until a player comes. This structure does not have a loot chest hidden, however, the loot of the Executioner makes this structure worth visiting.

Execution Grounds

Illager Mines

Builders: TheEntityNul, DiZaRkY

Deep underground, in the Y levels 0 through 16, Illagers work at the stone and ores hidden by stone, gravel and more. Housing the Illagers, and its small space, its a tough fight. Inside you cannot find loot chest, however, the abundance of ores for you to obtain. All you have to do is get through the Illagers.

Illager Mines

Wandering Trader Market

Builders: TheEntityNul, DiZaRkY

Walking across the vast fields of Plains biomes, Wandering Traders have set up a stall! Within the barrel that the Wandering Trader has, awaits multiple nice pieces of loot that the Wandering Trader got on his travels. If you have the emeralds to spare, trade with him and get some nice loot!

Wandering Trader Market

Johnllagers Asylum

Builders: TheEntityNul, DiZaRkY, Springtrap6020, Rickythegame778

Materialized by a core made by the Materializer, this large, haunting asylum is made of White Concrete and Quartz. Inside is pitch black, with loot and traps littered all around this maze. Upon entering the asylum, you awaken the Johnllager, putting you and all your friends in a 10 block radius into Adventure mode (So you don't break through the walls of the asylum). Once you find your way through the twisting maze, you will find the center of the asylum, filled with loot and a dead body in a cage? Yikes. The the left of the door once oyu enter it is a ladder. Once you climb the ladder, be prepared to run! Once you walk forward a bit, Johnllager will start chasing you, breaking the brich trapdoors, doors, and fence gates in his path! That's right, ther are obstacles as well, which you have to open to escape! When you get out, you will see a ladder, and once you climb it, your out! But you are presented with 2 options: Left or Right. One kills you, one lets you live. Choose wisely.

Johnllagers Asylum

Corrupted Cauldron's Lair

Builders: TheEntityNul, DiZaRkY

Bubbling, boiling, the Corrupted Cauldron lies waiting in this swampy lair, producing potions for the Illagers. Surrounded by trees and 2 witch huts, its not very formidable, however, don't be fooled by its simple design, the Cauldron is powerful.

Corrupted Cauldron's Lair

More structures are to come.

Chapter 1: The Raid

You fight a Pillager Captain, gaining the Bad Omen effect. You go to a village to fight a raid, however, new Illagers have appeared...

Welcome to Chapter 1: The Raid.

Here are all the Illagers that the Vindicator Master commissioned to fight in his raids:

The Minions
Necrillager. The Illager Necromancer.

The Necrillager.


A Illager necromancer, he can overwhelm you, if your not careful. His goal? Turn you into one of the Zombies he summons. He has 35 health, and will summon a line of Zombies, and a circle of Skeletons, along with a small chance of summoning Wither Skeletons. For as long as he lives, no Undead mob will burn in the sun. This strange Illager has a chance to wander the night. The small knowledge about this Illager is that he was trained and created by the Nameless One. Beware this corpse lover.

Iceologer. The Illager Icemancer.

The Iceologer.


Ice Chunk

The loser of the 2019 Mob Vote, to the stupid Glow Squid. But we brought him back, and he's a deadly as he is in Minecraft Dungeons! He has 30 health, and and will summon an Ice Chunk above your head to crush you! The Ice Chunk will freeze you, giving you slowness. Sounds of both mobs are from Minecraft Dungeons. He has a chance to drop an Ice Wand on death, which will summon a friendly Ice Chunk to wipe out enemies, and give them slowness. Texture of Ice Wand and Ice Chunk are from Minecraft Dungeons. Drop chance for Ice Wand is 25%. Spawns in Raids, Frozen Outposts, and Iceologer Cabin.

Armored and Elite Vindicators

The Armored and Elite Vindicators.

Armored Vindicator

Elite Vindicator

The Armored and Elite Vindicators are here, and their brandishing new, and more powerful Axe's! The Armored Vindicator has 35 health, and the Elite Vindicator has 50 health. The Armored Vindicator does 7 damage by default, and the Elite Vindicator does 6 on default. However, each has a new axe that increases their damage. But, they each drop an interesting item. Each mob has a chance to drop a War Helm Shard, and the Elite Vindicator has a chance to drop a War Helm Horn Fragment. Best be careful around them!

Evillager. The Vindicator Master's Arch Mage of Arcane Magic

The Evillager.


A powerful Evoker that has the ability to take an entire Village down with his Illager summoning abilities. He has 30 health. The Evillager can do 5 different summon patterns. A line of Pillagers. A line of Vindicators. A line of Fangs. A circle of Fangs, and a lot of Vex. If you kill him, he has a 20 chance to drop an item called the Totem Core, which be used to craft a Totem of Regeneration. But be warned! He is not a walk in the park.

Electrillager. The Vindicator Master's Arch Mage of Primal Lightning

The Electrillager.


Capable of turning an entire Village into Witches and Pigs into Zombified Piglin's. This wielder of Lightning can make any Illager immune to fire damage, and will strike you with electricity. He has 30 health. If you kill him, he has a 20% chance to drop a Primal Lightning Stone, which when crafted with Sun Rager Gold, can be used to craft a Lightning Wand. He may seem easy, but be careful! He will "recruit" Villagers into the army by making them Witch's.

Windcaller. Primal Mage of Wind

Floating atop a high mountain top, flies the Windcaller.


This Primal Made harnesses the powerful and deadly nature of wind. Spawning on Sloppy Slopes, Frozen Peaks, and Jagged Peaks, he wait for anyone foolish enougth to climb a mountain, and then knocks him off with a blast of wind. He will also lift any players, Iron Golems, and Villagers to let them hit the earth. Windcallers have 40 health. If your lucky, Windcallers have a 15% chance to drop the staff they wield, letting players raise mobs into the air. However, players cannot create a blast of wind like Windcallers.

Pillager Swordsman. Pillager blade wielders

The Pillager Swordsman.

Pillager Swordsman

These Pillagers act similar to Vindicators, with the need to charge at its opponent and smack them. They have 34 health, and do 4 on default, but with their new sword named the Swordsman Sword, they do 10 damage. Besides this, they are rather easy to defeat, and if your lucky, you can get the sword they use, which can be repaired with Iron Ingots.

Raid Minions

These Illagers are classified as "minions", as in Raids, these guys are your main opponents. A few of these Illagers roam the world, or live in Structures.

The Mini-Bosses
Sun Rager. The Illager Fire Beast.

The Sun Rager.

Sun Rager

A Ravager will the power of blasting Fireballs. This fireproof Ravager has 150 health, and will spit 1 Fireballs. Each bite it takes off of you deals 10 damage. A deadly beast of Fire. Fun Fact! The Sun Rager was originally made by our friend, Sierra3246, who made it on Tynker. It was not very well made because of the limitations of Tynker, and it replaced the Ravager, instead of being a separate entity. So we brought him back, and made him better then ever! A little bug, however, is that his Fireblast animation will break.

Soul Rager. Ravager fueled with Soul Flame rage

The Soul Rager.

Soul Rager

The Soul Fire counterpart to the Sun Rager, The Soul Rager specializes on dealing a lot of damage quickly with his fireballs, as the fireballs leave an area covered in soul fire. The soul fire area does 10 damage every second, but the damage can be lessened with armor. Soul Ragers spawn in Soul Sand Valleys, and have 150 health, with its bite doing 10 damage. On death, it will drop an item called Soul Steel Ingot. This can be used to craft a Soul Scythe. Be careful around this powerful beast!

Illusioner. The Illager Illusion Mage.

The Illusioner.


A forgotten mob that was never fully implemented into Java Edition, is now here in this Addon! He has his texture from Minecraft Dungeons, and is a pain just like in Dungeons. Illusioners have 120 health, making them a Mini-boss. He will summon clones that make him invisible, and gives you Blindness for 5 seconds while casting his clones. The Clones have 1 health, but they can quickly overwhelm you. The regular Illusioner can fire 5 whole arrows, so he can chip away at you quickly. His sounds are from both Java and Minecraft Dungeons. Spawns in Raids and Illusioner Training Cabin

Executioner. Decapitator of players

The Executioner.


An Illager with the task of executing the prisoners from Raids that misbehave. This frightening Illager has 150 health, and does 10 damage on default. With its specially forged axe, named the Executioners Cursed Axe, it does up to 16 damage, and the Axe inflicting weakness on anyone the Axe hits. When enraged, the Executioner will enter Spin Rage, causing the Executioner to spin around like a top, doing heavy damage to anyone who ventures too close. On death, you have a chance to obtain the cursed axe, and a lot of emeralds! But be careful, as the Executioner does not play around.

Tactitioner. The Illager General Removed

The Tactitioner.


They have been removed, due to multiple bugs, and us just flat-out not liking the Tactitioner anymore.

These powerful Pillagers have the task of planning Raids and the construction of new Buildings. These generals have 150 health, and wield a strange Crossbow only they can use. They sport a large banner on their back, but its not for show! They use that banner to summon either Armored Pillager or Armored Vindicators! They also shoot 2 arrows from that crossbow, instead of 1. Every now and then, the Tactitioner has a chance to fire a insane amount of arrows from his Crossbow. When he dies, your rich! He drops a large amount of valuable ores and gems. But be careful, it is rumored that they follow a Supreme General that is nearly unrivaled in strength...

The Mistic Evocationer. Master of Magic

The Mistic Evocationer.

The Mistic Evocationer

An incredibly powerful Evoker that can use many of the magic used by Illagers. They have 150 health. They have an assortment of spells up their sleeve. Here is their spell list.

  • Evoker Fangs: Mistic Evocationers can summon a large ring of Fangs to chomp the player. Summon Particle: Red
  • Wither Rise: Summons many Wither Skeletons. Summon Particle: Black
  • Ice Fall: Summons 1 Ice Chunk to smash the player. Summon Particle: Blue
  • Rising Air: Forces the player to go flying in the air, and then they plummet down. Summon Particle: White
  • Electric Strike: Summons a line of Thunder Bolts. Summon Particle: Yellow
  • Mistic Mayhem: Preforms every spell at once, along with summoning Vex and Armored Vindicators. Summon Particle: Purple

If you can kill the Mistic Evocationer, he will drop a little bit of everything. He will drop a Totem Core, and Primal Lightning Stone, Ice, Rotten Flesh, and some more! Best be careful, you may never know if or when they will add a new spell to their already large list.

Redstone Golem. The Illager War Golem.

The Redstone Golem.

Redstone Golem

A Golem made of redstone, stone and potentially iron, he has 120 health, and deals 8 damage in 1 punch. Just like its Minecraft Dungeons counter-part, Redstone Golems can summon Redstone Mines, that explodes when you step close to it. The Redstone Mines are summoned in a line. He drops Throwable Redstone Mines, so now you can throw these explosive Mines. Beware this War Golem.

Obsidian Golem. The Obsidian War Machine.

The Obsidian Golem.

Obsidian Golem

A stronger, more tanky variant of the Redstone Golem, it is made out of mostly Obsidian, has a Crying Obsidian block in its back instead of a Redstone block, and has 2 heart-like gold carvings in its head and chest. It has 150 health, making it have more health then a Redstone Golem. It does 10 damage every smack. If you're out of range, he will summon spikes made of Obsidian straight towards you, instead of Redstone Mines. These spikes do 8 damage. A flaw in its design, is that it hates its Redstone cousins. Use their hatred to one another to your advantage.

Raid Mini Bosses

These Illagers and Golems are classified as "Mini-Bosses", because they are stronger than the normal Illager, with more powers than the average Illager.

The Raid Bosses
The Twin Hunters. The Illagers hunters.

The Twin Hunters.

Advanced Redstone Golem

Advanced Obsidian Golem

The Advanced Redstone and Advanced Obsidian Golems. These golems are upgraded, tankier versions of the Redstone and Obsidian golem. Each golem has 100 health, combining to 200 health. These bosses spawn on both the Fifth and Seventh waves of a Raid. The Advanced Redstone Golem deals 8 Damage, while the Advanced Obsidian Golem deals 6 damage. The Advanced Redstone golem has a chance to do a Spin attack, which deals 6 damage per tick, and a smash attack, where he grabs 2 of the Redstone Blocks on his back smash them do to deal 15 damage. The Advanced Obsidian Golem will fire off a Obsidian Mine, which will deal a random amount of damage depending on how close you are to the explosion. The Advanced Obsidian Golem now has a new attack, the Mine Field. He will summon a large amount of Obsidian Mines around him, ready to explode. If you kill them, you can get the Advanced Obsidian Golems cannon, and the Advanced Redstone Golems Spikes and Horns. Each golem also drops their head.

Redstone Monstrosity. The Illager War Machine.

The Redstone Monstrosity, the Illager War Machine.

Redstone Monstrosity

A Hulking monster of stone, redstone and lava, he has 1,000 health. He can Summon and spit Redstone Mines. His smash can deal 17 damage. This beast will spawn at the outskirts of village's during raids. He spawns 4 minutes after the Fifth or Seventh wave. There is no stopping his spawning, he will come. You will tell when he spawns, because a notification will pop up in chat announcing its presents. No explosions can harm it, and no fall can wound it. He can summon Redstone Cubes, a small, block like creature that has 7 health that deals 4 damage points, but can overwhelm you if not dealt with quickly. Better be prepared, or else he will destroy you.

The Spoils of the Beast.

What, you thought that you would fight him for nothing? No way! When he dies, he will drop his own head. It gives you Hero of the Village 2 as long as you are in a 25 block range of the head.

Redstone Monstrosity Head

Another spoil of war is a Redstone Ministrosity, a very tinier, cuter version of the Redstone Monstrosity. You can tame it with Redstone Blocks, and can be healed with Redstone Blocks. He has 150 health, and does 9 damage. If you sneak + interact with a redstone block on him, He will jump and get strength for a few minutes. This little guy is the true reason to fight him. He's just so darn cute!

Redstone Ministrosity

Freakager. The Freakish Nether Biologist

The Freakager, The Freakish Nether Biologist.


Freakager is a terrifying Illager who tore he was through Reality from Java mod Illage and Spillage to Bedrock! This Illager, when hit by a player, and player ONLY, will pull out a Villager from out of nowhere and force-feed it a Potion, and it will begin a horrifying transformation into Ragno, a large Spider-Villager mutant. Freakager has a large list of freakish items to kill you and Villagers! At Half Health, Freakager will get angry, causing his head to shack violently making his attacks summon more and hit harder!

While you fight Freakager, Ragno will walk around, spitting Webs that follow your eye movement. On impact, the webs slow you to the point you can barely walk!

  • Pumpkin Bombs: Freakager will summon 4 Pumpkin Bombs, which will slide around the floor and explode after 6 seconds. On half Health, he will throw 8 Bombs! The amount of damage is random, depending on how many Bombs are near you.
  • Candy: Freakager will summon 8 sentient Candies that will Heal Freakager after a few seconds. They run from Players, and are 1 hit.
  • Axe Throw: At long range, Freakager will throw 6 Axe's at you, dealing a large chunk of damage. On Half Health, he will throw 10 Axe's, and much faster at that!
  • Potion Spray: At close range, Freakager will throw either Slowness or Wither potions at you. On Half Health, Freakager will only throw Wither Potions.
  • Skeleton Bombs: At Half Health, Freakager will summon Skull Bombs that explode, splitting into 4 smaller bombs that can sky rocket you!

After a while, you will Kill Freakager, causing him to preform a freakish death movement. But did you really kill Freakager? No time to find out, his Creation Ragno has eaten the Bag of Horrors, and has gone berserk!

Ragno. The Creation of Nightmares

Ragno, the Creation of Nightmares


Ragno has gone crazy! After swallowing Freakagers Bag of Horrors, its mind has gone unstable with the powers inside that bag! Ragno now can use some of Freakagers abilities, with a few of Its own...

  • Web Spit: Ragno will spit out Webs that slow the player down to almost immobile. The webs follow wherever you look. Unsettling
  • Pumpkin Bombs: Ragno will spit 4 Pumpkin Bombs, which will slide around the floor and explode after 6 seconds. The bombs seem to have gained a gross, black goo coating them from being swallowed by Ragno.
  • Candy: Ragno spit out 8 sentient Candies that will Heal Ragno after a few seconds. They run from Players, and are 1 hit. It seems that a strange, black goo coats them.
  • Camager Spit: Ragno will spit out one of Freakagers different Creations, the Camager. A mutant Vindicator that behaves and looks... unnatural.
  • Slippy Spidey: Ragno will go incredibly fast! If you get too close to Ragno, he will do large chunks of damage if every few ticks, so stay away from Ragno when he does this attack!
  • Earthquake: Ragno will slam violently into the ground, shaking your camera and dealing a large amount of damage to anything in its way.
  • Violent Screech: Ragno will scream with intense Violent force! This screech will shake your camera violently, with dealing a good amount of damage. Best be careful, there is no indication for when Ragno will release its screech!

When you deal the finishing blow to Ragno, the Villagers soul will fly out of the corpse of Ragno. Then, the Villager soul will release its anger and torment in a terrifying Scream, flickering in and out of existence, blinding the Player. When the blindness clears, the soul is gone, returning to the otherlife. Or has it really gone there?

The Spoils of the Nightmare

When you kill Freakager and Ragno, he will drop Freakager's Axe, the Bag of Horror which does a random ability that Freakager can do, and Freakagers stylish hat. When wearing the hat, you get Night Vision. Not bad loot, for a nightmare Biologist.

Raid Bosses

Best be on your guard, these bosses aren't called "Raid Bosses" for nothing, they're incredibly powerful! When you kill the Final boss of the Raid, it will say "End of Chapter One."

You must prepare to fight a Raid, or you will be trampled on.

Chapter 2: The War Destroyer

You bravely fought and won a Raid, killing either the Redstone Monstrosity, or defeating Freakager and killing Ragno. In the midst of the loot pile, you find a strange item and an Item named "Materialization Core: Materializer". What happens when you use it?

The Materializer. An Otherworldly trader.

The Materializer.

The Materializer

This entity? No one knows much about him, other than he is a Villager that hails from a completely different Universe. You can meet him by slaying the Redstone Monstrosity or Ragno. Upon killing the Redstone Monstrosity or Ragno, they will drops a strange item, known as the Materialization Core: Materializer. This odd piece of machinery Summons a portal that the Materializer comes from. He trades to you other types of Materialization Cores. It is unclear and unknown why this Otherworldly Trader is here, and what his motives are. Do NOT attempt at fighting him. He has 10,000 health, and cannot be slain by a anything. If you are foolish enough to fight him, he will attack you with the Command Blocks he has on his robe. He is not a weak Villager. There seems to be an.. ominous air to him. Something about the Materializer is rather untrustworthy.

Materialization Core List

A List of every known Materialization Core.

Materialization Core: Keep

This odd device materializes the Obsidian Keep. Within it, lies the Obsidian Way Destroyer, the Obsidian Monstrosity. Do you dare materialize and complete Chapter 2?

Materialization Core: Keep

Materialization Core: Johnllagers Maze

This strange black and white core draws out the Asylum of the Johnllager. Do you dare enter this terrifying maze with the terrifying Madman?

Materialization Core: Johnllagers Maze

Materialization Core: Corrupted Cauldron's Lair

A strange core with what seems to be liquid frozen in the air, unmoving. It draws out the Corrupted Cauldron, the Potion Supplier for the Illager Army.

Materialization Core: Corrupted Cauldron's Lair

The Obsidian Keep

The Obsidian Keep

The Obsidian Keep

A large structure built by the Illagers to house the powerful weapon, the Obsidian Monstrosity. This keep is loaded with Illagers everywhere, and in the center of the build, is the Obsidian Monstrosity itself. Within the towers of the keep, you can find a good amount of loot, as well as as couple Diamonds. But best be careful, because one wrong step, and you've awakened the Obsidian Monstrosity.

The Obsidian Monstrosity. The Obsidian War Destroyer.

Obsidian Monstrosity, the Obsidian War Destroyer.

Obsidian Monstrosity

The Obsidian Monstrosity, a forgotten device of war made of stone and obsidian, it will not stop until its prey is dead, and won't settle for "it got away". Its attack move set is similar to the Redstone Monstrosity, but its still very different from its Redstone Cousin. It has 1100 health, so you really better be careful! Attack move set! It will try to smash you, but not once, not twice, but three times. The Obsidian Monstrosity will smash down three times, if your next to it or not. The first Smash does 10 damage, the second one does 15, and the third does 20, racking up a total of 45 damage. Arrows and Potions do not touch it while smashing. It looks kind of glitchy on smash, implying that the Constructors have not finished it yet. It will spit 1 Obsidian Mine at you, but that shot is highly explosive and powerful. The Obsidian Monstrosity will summon Obsidian Cubes to hunt you down as well, and these cubes have 8 health, and do 5 damage. This Machine of mass Destruction spawns in the Obsidian Keep, a fort designed to contain the Monstrosity so it may be finished. Once you've killed it, it will say "End of Chapter 2".

The Spoils of the War Destroyer.

If you can kill this seemingly unkillable Monstrosity, you get the Obsidian Monstrosity Head. Whenever you are in a 25 block radius of the head, you get Resistance 2, making it quite OP. Also, its jaw is dislocated.

Obsidian Monstrosity Head

The real perpose of killing it, the Obsidian Ministrosity! This cute little killer can be tamed with Crying Obsidian, and healed with Obsidian. It has 200 health, and does 12 damage. If you sneak + interact with a obsidian block on him, He will jump and get strength for a few minutes. Oh, yeah, it has horns like the Obsidian Monstrosity.

Obsidian Ministrosity

Chapter 3 is soon to come, and its a really good one.

Chapter 2.5: Primal Fears Unchained

You have slain the Illagers Obsidian War Destroyer, and the Illagers pause their attacks. However, a new Threat looms in the distance, spreading Fear anywhere they go...

Dreadful Horrors Cover

Dreadful Horrors: Primal Fears Unchained

This addon is connected to the Lore of Morellagers, as it takes place after the events of Chapter 2.

Updated on May 30

Version 2.1.4


  • FINALLY, Structures are completely fixed.
  • No other bugs were fixed, only Structures.
  • Is that it? Can we stop hotfixing this now?
  • Changed the main cover.
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