BMP-3 and M3 Bradley Addon

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With this addon, you can get BMP-3 and M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles made in Russia and the USA in your world.

This addon adds the following units of military equipment to your world:

BMP-3 (Boevaya Mashina Pekhoty 3)

The Soviet and Russian infantry fighting vehicle, produced at Kurganmashzavod, is one of the main infantry fighting vehicles of the Russian army.


  • HP: 300


  • 100 mm Gun 2A70.
  • 30 mm 2A72 automatic cannon.

BMP-3 (Boevaya Mashina Pekhoty 3)

M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (M3 CFV)

The American infantry fighting vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems is part of the Bradley family of infantry fighting vehicles. The Bradley is one of the primary infantry fighting vehicles and combat reconnaissance vehicles of the US Army. Also supplied to Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.

M3 Bradley Model

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