MineMoney Add-On v2.5 | Add money to your Minecraft worlds!

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The MineMoney add-on adds Minecraft-store inspired currency to your Survival or Roleplay worlds! With 13 new items, 12 new blocks, 2 new mobs, more chest loot, etc. you can trade with other players or horde your riches in a vault until your heart's content.

Minecoins and Minecash

Six of the new items and blocks are based off of the Minecoins you can purchase in the Minecraft-store, so these items fit in the game really well!

Minecoins and Minecash

There are a lot of ways to get your hands on these coins in Survival mode! You can find the Wandering Banker and trade with him, explore the ancient structures and find their treasure, kill hostile mobs and be rewarded, barter with the greedy pig people, fish in the deep depths of the ocean, mine in the dark caverns of the many dimensions, and more!

(the ores don't actually generate like this lol)

New ores

Coins in the chest

When your pockets get too full of coins, you then can compress and decompress your coins into cash and blocks or back by crafting with them in a crafting table.

You can find all of the recipes in the crafting guide built into your inventory!

Cash craft

If you want to get them in creative, simply check the tabs, or give the items/blocks to yourself with commands ("bb:" is prefix).

ATM Machine

The new ATM Machine lets you store your money inside, and has an infinite storage capacity! Also, you can insert and take out your money from any ATM block, making it act sorta like an ender chest. To insert your money, click an ATM with your money in hand. To take out money, click the machine with a Minecard in hand!

The amount of money you have stored is shown on the top right of the pause screen under your name, and you can see how much everyone else logged into the world has stored in it as well, making trade deals easier!

ATM Machine

Pause menu

Tokens and Tickets

You can now craft and use the old PlayStation Tokens! These tokens can be crafted and then used at the Token Machine by clicking the block with a token in hand, and doing this rewards you with Tickets!

You can now also craft and use Tickets! Tickets can be used at the prize machine, which rewards you with coins, and sometimes even rare and useful items! You have higher chances at better rewards if you use ticket piles, and even higher chances if you use ticket blocks!

Both Tokens and Tickets can be compressed, just like Minecoins!

Tokens and Tickets

Wandering Banker

The Wandering Banker is like a Wandering Trader, except he lets you trade item/blocks for Minecoins and PS Tokens!

Also, he spawns with donkeys instead of llamas.

Wandering Banker

Trading with the Wandering Banker

Also, you can now craft and place a permanent Robot Banker! He stands in place, and his trades never run out, however he only has the essential trades, and the Wandering Banker can sometimes have slightly better deals!

Robot Banker mob

Trading with the Robot Banker

Coin Berries

Coin berries can only be obtained rarely from the Prize Machine while using Ticket Piles.

They can be placed as a bush on grass and dirt, and they will grow more berries on them (like sweet berries).

When you harvest from a coin berry bush, instead of dropping coin berries, it drops coin berry mush, which can be crafted into Minecoins using 4 of them.

(Note: Coin Berry Bushes cannot be bonemealed, as I didn't want to make bone farms give players infinite money. Also, one coin berry will not give you more bushes over time, as I didn't want this plant to multiply giving you more and more bushes from one bush. There is no limit to how many bushes can be won from the Prize Machine though)


You must enable the Experimental Features on your world!

Ask for my permission before re-uploading to other places!


That is it! If you want to download, just click the link below. Also, if you want to see when I release new add-ons, follow me on Twitter (@TheBombBardYT) - :)

Also, thanks to:

  • CECForLife and ZENOLINEX-4 for leading me to think of the ATM and Robot Banker ideas
  • Haydencraft2008 for the tickets idea
  • WilyMoto for the ps tokens idea

Updated on December 20

  • Fixed 2 issues making the add-on not work in recent versions.
Updated on October 19 (old changelog)
  • Added the Coin Berries item, which can be planted as a Coin Berry Bush, which slowly grows Coin Berry Mush, which can be crafted into Minecoins using 4 of them.
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