No Punch Tree [Works with other addons]

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Hi, I am ZorroCraft from India. It's a challenging addon. It's increasing game difficulty. Like, you can't mine a tree with your hand, you need a Jungle Axe.


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Normal Game changes:

Wooden Tools are replace with Flint Tools:

Flint Tools


Where did you get this idea?

I got this idea from Java Mod TerraFirmaCraft, where you can't mine trees with your hands. (Note: nothing is stolen, even my progress system is different)

How to break a tree?

With an empty hand you can't break a tree, so follow these steps:

Tree Breaking Steps

  • Step 1 - Break tree leaves and collect sticks
  • Step 2 - Collect wheat seeds
  • Step 3 - Break mini rocks and collect them
  • Step 4 - Craft cobblestone with rocks
  • Step 5 - Find Gravel and collect Flint
  • Step 6 - Craft a Flint Breaker
  • Step 7 - Hold Flint and tap on the Flint Breaker, it will drop Flint Shard
  • Step 8 - Now you can craft a Jungle Axe for chopping trees

Only Jungle Axes can break trees!

Will it work with all addons?

Yes, if you have a custom biome addon, just set it above the biome addon.

If you have any issues, check my YT Video:

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Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0