NewBows Addon V8 || Compatible with any Addons! 1.20.4x

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This addon is about new bows for your Minecraft Bedrock, in total it adds 22 different bows with useful and fun skills for survival, it also works in multiplayer and for the operation of the bows it is necessary to have arrows in the inventory.

What's newโ“

In this update the addon is compatible with any other addon since it does not use player.json, the resource package called UI table was also removed, and more arrows were added for the addon.



This is a section before creating the world that allows better functioning of the addons in the world and a better gaming experience when playing with addons, we recommend that you activate the following options to play with this addon.

Required Experiments for the NewBows Addon



The addon is now compatible with other addons since the use of player in the addon has been removed, this means that now you can play with several addons at the same time and this addon should not cause problems if you put it last.


Fletching Table

As you know, the previous version of the addon added a custom table but in this case I decided to add the UI to the feathering table that is already in the game.

Fletching Table Block

Fletching Table UI

Your custom UI would look like this, the arrows are crafted above and below the bows.

Fletching Table Recipes



In this section I will show all the crafting of the addon and take the opportunity to explain the operation of each bow.

New Bows and Arrows



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Updated on November 26

  • The addon was made compatible with 1.20.4x
Changelog for January 30 / Old Update
Changelog for January 30 / Old Update
Changelog for December 26 / Old Update
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Behavior Pack (Linkvertise)
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Behavior Pack (Boostellar)
Resources Pack (Boostellar)
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  1.  profile avatarPiperF5 profile avatar PiperF5
    Can you create add vanilla materials?
    Iron Bow to Netherite
    Wooden Longbow to Netherite
    Iron Crossbow to Netherite