Night Vision Tool 1.21 🔥

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This tool will give you night vision for your server players, but not all players.

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How it works?

To get the night vision just type !n in your Minecraft chat, then wait 5 seconds, and a timer will appear in the action bar. After the timer, the form will appear. This form has two buttons: the first one is to activate the night vision and the other one is to turn it off, like what you see in those images.

NOTE: This addon does not give the effect for all the players in the world, just the one who activated it.

Night Vision Tool: Screenshot 1

Night Vision Tool: Screenshot 2

Night Vision Tool: Screenshot 3

Night Vision Tool: Screenshot 4

JаvaScript Note:

This addon uses a system run interval with a tag system and it is simple to make! :)

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Night Vision Tool 1.21 🔥
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