Yo-kai Craft Add-on [THE CHRONIC UPDATE!]

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Welcome to the Yo-kai Craft add-on. This add-on adds tons of different features to your Minecraft world that originate from the series Yo-kai Watch.

The Yo-kai Craft add-on was worked on tirelessly by Mvoob from Virtual Studios Add-ons. Some popular Yo-kai that this add-on introduces are Jibanyan, Komasan, and Whisper! There are over 100 Yo-kai to collect in your Minecraft world when you install the Yo-kai Craft add-on! The following video is the trailer for this add-on and will briefly explain details related to it as well as showcase the new features.

We also have a Trello that can help you regarding things such as where specific Yo-kai spawn, what stats and abilities the boss Yo-kai has, how to craft items to fight bosses, and more!

There are many different Yo-kai to collect from different corners of the series. Yo-kai from the 3DS games, Yo-kai from Shadowside, Yo-kai from the Kuroi segments, even Yo-kai from Puni, and soon to be more!

Another feature included in this update are SOULTIMATES. Usually a yo-kai's strongest attack, soultimates can be activated once a yo-kai has gained enough spirit to use it. How do they gain spirit? When a tamed yo-kai attacks something they gain one spirit. Once they've gotten up to 15 spirit they can use their soultimate. How do you activate it? Simply use a soultimatag on your tamed yo-kai once they're at 15 spirit and it'll activate (assuming they're attacking something). Keep in mind, not every yo-kai has a soultimate yet, but will in future updates. This feature was implemented with help from BlackholeSpace0.


The next feature that's been introduced is attributes! Attributes are something most if not all yo-kai have in their arsenal. When attacking while tamed they have a chance to switch to using their attribute! The attributes include fire, water, lightning, ice, earth, restoration, wind, and drain.

Ice and Lightning Attributes

Fire and Earth Attributes

Wind and Drain Attributes


The Wobblewok Boss has been entirely revamped, with new textures and models to boot! He now has two modes he can switch from, Spell Binder and Cover with them being marked by his eye color. With Spell Binder his eyes are red, and he's immune to melee attacks and must be hit with projectiles. With Cover the opposite is true, his eyes are blue and he's immune to projectiles and must be hit with melee attacks from the player or their befriended Yo-kai. More features in the Chronic Update include some more Yo-kai to collect, a new Yo-criminal, and some new Yo-kai Variants! For a more detailed explanation as well as all the content available in "The Chronic Update", watch the trailer!

We hope you really enjoy playing this add-on because it took a lot of time to make and is full of amazing stuff!

Credits to everyone who's helped work on this addon!

โ€“ Team โ€“

  • Mvoob - Coding, as well as most models and textures!
  • Kosmonaught - Models and textures for Yo-kai such as Hardy Hound, Chocobonyan, DON-CHAN, Slimamander, Zazel, and tons more!
  • UnderScore - Some models and textures for Yo-kai such as Statiking, Maginyan, Snow Spect-hare, Sandi, Necro Yo-kai, as well as letting us use their designs and such for Scamper, Starinyan, and Robokoma F, and tons more!

โ€“ Contributors โ€“

  • BlackHoleSpace0 - Help with coding stuff such as Attributes, Soultimates, Functions, and more!
  • Mathnyan - Letting us use their designs and such for Mathnyan!

More to come soon!

This add-on will only be posted to Modbay, MCPEDL, and Discord. Any other postings of this add-on were not done by me or Mvoob.
If you want sneak peeks and updates on the state of the Yo-kai Watch Add-on, join our Discord, Virtual Studios Add-ons. Owned by BlackholeSpace0 and Mvoob.


Permission from Mvopsmcob

  • UPDATE 2.5 - The Chronic Update


  • Wobblewok Boss has been revamped, he now has Blue Eye mode, Red Eye mode, and Bad Broth for attacks! The Friend Form also gained Bad Broth as an ability. More bosses will be revamped in the future, so consider this a small snippet of what's to come!
  • Some Yo-kai sitting around with textures and models have been implemented, along with making Chocobonyan, Zomgralos, Necronyan and Necrodimmy obtainable!


  • Added the Chocobo (Comes from the Chocobo Egg)
  • Added Mecha-Don
  • Added AI Katsu
  • Added Scamper
  • Added Kosmo


  • Added Blandca..?


  • Added Zazasol
  • Added Scandycane
  • Added Kosphelt Valentine


  • Entirely remodeled Wobblewok.
  • Made Zomgralos, Necronyan, Necrodimmy, Chocobonyan and Scamper obtainable.
  • Changed the Undead Key to the Vulture Key.
  • Made the Vulture Key craftable.
  • Gave everyone with a attribute the Ally and Enemy families, now they can be affected by Debuff/Buff soultimates, as well as attacks from bosses (Wobblewok)
  • Gave attributes to Roughraff, Robonyan, Robonyan F, Goldenyan, Showbonyan, Starinyan, Baddinyan, Mecha Don, AI Katsu, Kosmo, and Scamper.

-- FIXES --

  • Fixed Mirapo being tamed with A and S Ranked Watches.

Removed Jiba Queen

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The Resource Pack for The Chronic update![mcaddon, 17.19 Mb]
The Behavior Pack for The Chronic update![mcaddon, 899.32 Kb]
Supported versions
1.21.10 1.21.0