SurveilCraft: Working CCTV Mod [Multiplayer Supported] 1.21+

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Tired of creepers blowing up your builds? Worried about griefers on your server? SurveilCraft is here to help!

SurveilCraft is an easy-to-use pack that adds functional CCTV cameras to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, letting you monitor your world and keep everything secure.

SurveilCraft offers a variety of cameras to fit your needs, and it's fully optimized for multiplayer. So grab your friends and build a secure world together!

This is my third camera-related mod, and I tried to make this pack as perfect as possible, but your feedback & suggestions are always welcome!

How to use SurveilCraft?

Our first step is to access SurveilCraft's main menu and it is quite simple, All you have to do is grab a Breeze Rod or Stick (Rename it to "CCTV") in your hand and right-click/long-press, and the main menu will pop up. Here, you will be able to control everything related to this pack! (There are no additional items added to maintain the vanilla experience).

Main Menu

You will be available to control everything from here, such as placing new CCTVs and managing and controlling CCTVs.


Currently, SurveilCraft has four different types of CCTV cameras with different features & abilities, which you can use depending on the situation and your needs!

  • Normal CCTV

This is the most commonly found type of CCTV. This is the simplest type of CCTV, you can place them and get a live view from them, but you cannot control their direction of facing!

Normal CCTV: Screenshot

  • Horizontal Panoramic CCTV

Unlike Normal CCTVs, Horizontal Panoramic CCTVs are controllable, which means you can get a live view from them and also control them (you can move them 360° horizontally). This will give you a really good field of view in all directions!

Horizontal Panoramic CCTV: Screenshot

  • Vertical Panoramic CCTV

Similar to the previous one, you can get a 180° control vertically. This is a really cool type of CCTV, especially since you have some tall buildings on your server!

Vertical Panoramic CCTV: Screenshot

  • Pan-Tilt CCTV

This one is a combination of the previous 2 types. You can completely control this camera and get a live view of every possible direction (horizontally or vertically)!

Pan-Tilt CCTV: Screenshot

Important Feature Details

  • If you play in multiplayer, all the CCTV cameras will be different for each player.
  • One player can only view their own CCTVs, they cannot interfere with other player's CCTVs.
  • CCTVs can be placed anywhere in the world and can be controlled easily.
  • You can place them in all three dimensions.
  • But you can only view the cameras in the dimension you are in (I cannot do anything, this is how Minecraft works).
  • One player can only place 10 cameras per type (a total of 40 cameras).
  • Currently, CCTVs are not visible because I'm waiting for your feedback. So let me know if you make CCTVs visible!
  • This mod works in both 1.20 & 1.21.
  • You don't need to enable any experiments to use this pack!
  • This is v-1.0.0, so if you find any bugs, please share them with me!
Download links
Download (Link 1)
Download (Alternate Link)
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.0
  1. Hey there, I update it to V-1.0.1 and now you can also use an stick by renaming it "CCTV"
  2. Lo instale completamente y no encontré el breeze en pocas palabras no me funcionó
    1. Sorry for that breeze rod is not available in 1.20, I forgot about that, I'll fix that
  3. No avatar image Naimplayz
    Bhai mei apka ek fan hu ap CCTV cameras visible kardoo and breeze rod ki jaga stick KO main menu trigger bana do because 1.20 pe breeze rod nehi hai so 1.20 me e work nehi karega
    1. Totally my fault, I forgot about that