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This addon aims to add more manual items to use to craft stuff instead of everything being inserted. It is also geared towards skyblock. With its own option, otherwise creating a string from dirt is a bit overpowered when you have an abundance of dirt. Pairs well as a before machinery era.

V1.1 Update for Back to Basics, Major Bug fixes!

V1.5 Update for 1.17 Compatibility!

V2 Update for 1.19 Compatibility.

V2.1 Compressed Blocks into 1 block, making the addon run more efficiently!

V2.2 Updated for 1.21.20 in preparation for the HCF removal update!

Addons Supported!

  • Bumble's_Crops
  • Natural Structures Redone
  • Tinkerer's Legacy

Starting off with sieves

Work your way up the sieve line with different meshes, all giving loot according to the material used.

Wooden Sieve Loot


Crimson Sieve Loot

(Crimson Sieve - Nether Specific)

When you first craft a sieve, you will have no mesh in it. You will have to place the mesh that you would like into the frame.

Placing a mesh

And then Sieve!

Block Sifting Loot


Sand Sifting Loot

Loot based on tiers, netherite has increased drop rates for valuables, while first tier loot cannot be sifted.


Gravel Sifting Loot

Netherite gives improved rates of valuable ores.


Dirt Sifting Loot

Diamond and Netherite both follow the iron loot pool!

Crushed Deepslate

Crushed Deepslate Sifting Loot

Most caves and cliff blocks are available diamond and beyond. (Dripstone and moss foliage)

For Suspicious Gravel and Sand, it pulls from the loot pools of each specific block type!

  • Gravel - Trail Ruins, Cold Ocean
  • Sand - Desert Well/Pyramid, Warm Ocean (Sniffer)

For the Crimson Sieve:

  • Can sift Crushed Netherrack and Crushed Nylium
  • Produces nether specific items like quartz and gold and ancient debris.
  • All foliage possible from nether biomes.

Manual Crusher

Manual Crusher: Screenshot

Crushes blocks at the cost of hunger!

  • Cobblestone --> Gravel
  • Gravel --> Sand
  • Netherrack --> Crushed Netherrack
  • Cobbled Deepslate --> Crushed Deepslate

Drying Rack - (From Natural Structures Redone)

Drying Rack: Screenshot 1

Drying Rack: Screenshot 2


  • Kelp
  • Rotten Flesh

Mortar Pestles

Mortar Pestle: Screenshot

Crush Petals into Dyes! (Flowers now craft into petals)

Also, Cocoa into Cocoa powder!

You need a pestle in order to use this.


Barrels: Screenshot

The wooden barrel can make dirt and water by using saplings and leaves respectfully.

The stone barrel can make lava with cobblestone or any cobblestone related tier.

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