Totem Parity

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Minecraft Bedrock: Totem Parity, this addon makes the totem like Java, you can place the totem from the hotbar by right clicking or pressing the screen for mobile, there is also "Post Mortem" achievement and alerts when a person spends totem, this addon was created by: Derruta#9508

Video Showcase

How it works

Demonstration of how to put on the totem. Remember that for cell phones it is by pressing the screen with the totem in your hand and for PC by right clicking.


Demonstration when you consume the totem for the first time, and when a person already consumed the totem when they already have the achievement:

DerrutaLOL made his first POST MORTEM.

DerrutaLOL Consumed totem.

Experimental options

For the addon to work properly, you need these options to be enabled:

Experimental options.

Download links
Totem Parity.mcaddon
Supported versions
1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0