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More Ores Tools V4.5

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«More Ores Tools» is an addon which adds more than +400 tools and more than +21 armors with different designs which are made of new minerals that this same addon adds, these new minerals are: Adamantite, Tin, Topaz, Bronze, Jade, Emerald, Copper, Ruby, Amethyst, Cobalt, Migtinio, Silver, Mithril, Paladium, Platinum, Titanium, Onyx, Orichalcum, Aquarium, Tourmaline and Enderite.

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Creator: Dexten Mods


  • Blockblench: for 3d models
  • Bridge: for some components
  • for textures
  • Visual Studio Code: to write codes
  • SystemTV: improvement in hammers
  • GAME OVER#7025: help in textures

Don't forget to activate these Experimental options:

Experimental options for More Ore Tools addon.

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay.


Cavern Creeper

This new creeper works the same as a vanilla one, only that it has a little more life and when it dies it can leave you different minerals, both vanilla and the addon.

Cavern Creeper.

Magma Zombie

He is stronger and more resistant than a normal zombie, he lives in the Nether. Remember that you are afraid of water! No burns from either magmatic blocks or lava!

Magma Zombie in the Nether: screenshot 1.

Magma Zombie in the Nether: screenshot 2.

Ores Trader

It is very useful if you want to get emeralds and you have a couple of minerals to spare in your chests! Now it has 2 levels of profession, so the addon will have more difficulty.

Ores Trader.

2 levers for Ores Trader.


Generation with More ore tools addon: screenshot 1.

Generation with More ore tools addon: screenshot 2.

Tools and Weapons

A new weapons will appear in the game:

  • Dagger
  • Battleaxe
  • Great Sword
  • Great Axe
  • Hammer

New weapons.


Carrying any "Great Sword" in your hand will give you the mining fatigue effect.

Great Swords and effect.

Hitting a mob or monster with any "Great Sword" will perform a sweep that will damage nearby entities. Different swords have different size and shape. Example:

Sweep from sword.

Carrying any "Great Axe" in your hand will give you the mining fatigue effect.

Great Axe and effect.

Wearing full armor set we will have a different effects, example:

Armor and effects.


Durability of tools and armor. Click to zoom:

Durability of items.

The durability data could be outdated. If you want us to check the data, ask for it in the comments.


Materials from which you can craft armor, tools, weapons or blocks. Blocks are crafted from 4 ingots:

Craft recipe for Materials blocks.

Minerals can now only be broken with a pickaxe added by the addon, it can be broken with others but not at the same speed, that is why when you start your world the addon will automatically give you a "Tin" pickaxe.


New equipment

Also added new armor from existing materials.


To begin with, the addon adds a Hammers Table with which we will make the hammers that the addon adds.

Craft recipe for Hammers Table.

Hammers Table.

Now you can craft one of the 23 hammers. Its function as combat weapons and mining tools.

Full list of Hammers.

To use the hammers is very easy you just have to chop a block and the hammer will chop it in 3x3 and if you mine downwards it will give you the feather drop effect for 1 seconds. Each one has a different durability.

Demonstration of Hammers.


16 new apples have been added to the game, each with different effects.


Craft recipes:

Craft recipes for Apples.

Enderite apples with ability

By crouching down and eating the apple, raise 1 mobs near you in a 22 block radius.

Enderite apple ability.

Custom interface for the Hammers table

If you want to have the custom interface for the Hammers table, you will have to activate the "Ui Custom [Plus]" extension.

Activated custom ui for hammer table.

New custom interface for hammer table.

Updated on May 24

  • Silver Set
  • There are hidden items that will be used later
  • Fixed the bug that made the axes break the [Deepslate]

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    othorwise it looks good