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An addon with which you can recreate the restaurant from the famous FNAF game but now in Minecraft Bedrock! This addon is currently still under development, so there are missing blocks such as those of FNAF 2,3,4, etc...


Ever wanted to recreate the restaurant from FNAF 1/2 in Minecraft? Well, now you can do it with FNAF's Decorations, this addon adds a wide variety of blocks to decorate, obviously inspired by the FNAF 1/2 restaurant, also in the future, blocks based on other FNAF 2,3 restaurants or even the house on 4 will be added!

Note: this addon only adds blocks, not entities, items etc

Also, this addon you can use it in your maps based on FNAF 1/2/3, but you have to leave respective credits of ModBay link of this addon


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YouTube | @HyrxsMC

My Discord server! | https://discord.gg/zRYvw9Ft8e

Discord | Hirxs_MC


Required Experiments

Make sure you have these experimental options enabled in your world to avoid bugs and performance issues!

Required experiments for the FNaF's Decorations addon

Keep in mind that this addon is still in BETA status, so there are many more blocks to add, but don't worry, this addon will have constant updates to add more blocks!



โš  It is possible that some blocks do not appear due to the change of components in 1.19.80, you can modify the subpack of the addon so that it is compatible with that version...


FD v4 | Pre release #1 Changelog

Version Highlights:

Main Changes:

  • Brand new remodels or reanimations for:
    • Freddy Fazbear
    • Bonnie the Bunny
    • Chica the Chicken
    • Backstage Heads

New Additions:

  • Animations for the Flashlight item
  • Some Blocks got new and improved textures
  • Floor Blocks + Its Alts
  • Confetti Bag
  • Door Blocks (Prize Corner, Backstage, Supply)
  • And Many More:
    • Security Guard Suit
    • New Showtime and Possessed Versions of FNaF Gang (No Foxy Yet, He's Relaxing on a Beach rn)
    • And Some Bugs Fixed

New Blocks:

  • Large ceiling light
  • Large ceiling wires
  • Hanging stars
  • Hanging wires
  • FNaF 4 Walls (Room and House)
  • Pizzeria Chairs
  • Stage curtain red block
  • Blood line
  • Wall banners
  • FFD Posters
  • Ceiling roots
  • Red door (2x1) and Black door (2x1)
  • Alarm (FNaF 4)
  • Blue/Yellow lamp (FNaF 4)
  • Closet clothes (FNaF 4)
  • Floor x (FNaF 4)
  • House floor (FNaF 4)
  • House roof (FNaF 4)
  • House window (FNaF 4)
  • Room toy (FNaF 4)
  • Robot toy (FNaF 4)
  • Kid phone (FNaF 4)
  • White chair (FNaF 4)
  • Stage plates (Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie)
  • โ€‹Wall paper
  • FNaF 4 Drawers left & right

New Entities and Items:

  • Ghost Child
  • Freddy Fazbear (Souled and Showtime)
  • Chica Chicken (Souled and Showtime)
  • Bonnie Bunny (Souled and Showtime)
  • Freddy Mask (Functional)

Changes & Retextures:

  • The "Paper Cuts" and "Party Flags" blocks were retextured
  • Battington walls and floor were retextured
  • The floor of the pizzerias was retextured into a more decent one
  • The plushies from FNaF 1 were retextured (I will soon add FNaF 2)
  • Now Freddy, Chica, and Bonnie can move between the pizzeria at night
  • Now the addon's electrical system can turn off more blocks:
    • Spotlights
    • Office lamps (FNaF 1/2)
    • Soon, I will add more support
  • The animatronics were retextured and remodeled again, and these are the following:
    • Freddy Fazbear
    • Chica Chicken
    • Bonnie Bunny
  • Now the "Confetti bag" item can place confetti on any block and not just on the floors
  • Improved, retextured or remodeled animatronic animations
  • Improved use of the item changer tool
  • FFD and FNaF Movie unicode remade
  • FNaF 4 Unicode added
  • Wall and floor papers were retextured
  • Retextured F&F (Fazbear's & Friends) walls and FNaF 3 walls, including FNaF 2 walls
  • Wall and floor wires were retextured
  • All FNaF 1 walls were retextured, including the stage walls (a notable change is the tile lines).
  • The party tables were retextured with patterns
  • Remodel and retextured animatronic heads and heads on the shelf
  • New confetti block textures
  • Many blocks were renamed
  • Now it is possible to place blocks on the ground (this was a mistake, and I don't know why it happened)

Removed Things:

  • Dust item
Changelog for July 09 / v4 Preview #3 / Old Update


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  1. This is by for one of the best fnaf mods to ever see the face of the internet. its so well made! just a quick question, will you be doing the rest of the games like 4, sl and ffps? also, is it possible to add an angle snap tostuff like office doors? because its a big pain getting them in the right position.