FNAF Decorations v4 (Pre Release #2 - Phase 1)

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An addon with which you can recreate the restaurant from the famous FNAF game but now in Minecraft Bedrock! This addon is currently still under development, so there are missing blocks such as those of FNAF 2,3,4, etc...


Ever wanted to recreate the restaurant from FNAF 1/2 in Minecraft? Well, now you can do it with FNAF's Decorations, this addon adds a wide variety of blocks to decorate, obviously inspired by the FNAF 1/2 restaurant, also in the future, blocks based on other FNAF 2,3 restaurants or even the house on 4 will be added!

Note: this addon only adds blocks, not entities, items etc

Also, this addon you can use it in your maps based on FNAF 1/2/3, but you have to leave respective credits of ModBay link of this addon


FNAF Decorations v4 (Pre Release #2) Credits


Versions Compatibility:

Here I will show you which versions are currently compatible with the addon and which other possible versions will be available in the future.

  • 1.20.50 ✅
  • 1.20.40 ✅
  • 1.20.30 ✅
  • 1.20.20 ⚠️ (All blocks, items and entities works, but the cameras do not)
  • 1.20.10 ⚠️ (All blocks, items and entities works, but the cameras do not)


Required Experiments

Make sure you have these experimental options enabled in your world to avoid bugs and performance issues!

Required experiments for the FNaF's Decorations addon

Keep in mind that this addon is still in BETA status, so there are many more blocks to add, but don't worry, this addon will have constant updates to add more blocks!




FD v4 | Pre release #2 Phase 1 Changelog


FNAF Decorations v4 (Pre Release #2) Bugfix

Did you ever imagine that a bug fix version would arrive after a big release? No? It’s good because this never happens, only now it was an exception because I forgot to add certain things lol.

Do you want to know what more content will be added in the next update?

You can see the roadmap here.

FNAF Decorations v4 (Pre Release #2) Development - Roadmap

Version Highlights:

  • Toy Animatronics Redesign
  • New FNaF Movie, FNaF 2 & FNaF 3 content!
  • Many redesigns lol
  • Pirate sword & Knife
  • Foxy Souled/Night mode
  • Advanced Rotations for Arcades

New Content:

  • Stage plate (Foxy)
  • Chicas Magic Rainbow (with + 4 vars)
  • Stage Celebrate sign
  • Neon light (red)
  • Neon arcade sign (red)
  • Neon lights (yellow)
  • Pizza Box (Green bell pepper + black olives)
  • Party cake
  • Stage Curtains (Purple and golde + stars pattern)
  • Stage Curtains panel (Purple and golde + stars pattern)
  • Pizzeria Floor Stairs
  • Pizzeria Floor (inverted)
  • Pizzeria Floor (Blue & Green)
  • Pizzeria Floor (Blue and Yellow)
  • Silver Stage Spotlights
  • Emergency Light
  • FNaF Movie exterior roof metal blocks
  • FNaF Movie bathroom door
  • FNaF Movie Office door
  • Kids chair
  • Yellow pole
  • Vertical Pipe
  • Wall clock
  • Is that freddy fazbear
  • Insider Plushies
  • Supporters Plushies
  • Metal Chains
  • Warning sign
  • Springlock suit
  • Head
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Damaged Springlock suit
  • Head
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Knife
  • Pirate Sword
  • Cake Slice
  • Pizza Slice (Green bell pepper + black olives)

Changes & Retextures:

  • Some items can now be placed on the party props (dishes) block (cake slices, pizza slices)
  • Party props (dishes) redesign
  • Stage Clouds redesigned

New animatronics redesign:

  • Toy Chica
  • Toy bonnie
  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Foxy
  • Withered Bonnie


  • Wall Pizzeria redesigned
  • Arcades redesigned
  • Stage curtains & Pirate cove curtains redesign
  • Pizza Box and pizza slice redesigned
  • Office door buttons redesigned
  • Balloons redesigned
  • The “ceiling black” block was slightly redesigned
  • Redesigned (fnaf movie interior) blocks
  • Now the plushies have a better rotation as does the pirate cove sign
  • The fnaf 1 posters were redesigned (chica, bonnie and freddy)
  • Hyrxs plush redesign
  • Boxes Redesign
  • FNaF 3 heads redesign
  • FNaF 2 wall redesign
  • Stage floor redesign
  • Vent blocks redesign
  • Now the arcades have an advanced rotation
  • New animatronics redesign
  • Endo02
  • Foxy showtime animation added
  • Arcades redesigned
  • Changed the texture of the stage plate blocks
  • Fredbear’s model was slightly changed
  • Credits added to pack description

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed several RTX compatibility issues
  • Fixed a bug where animatronics would not make the jumpscare sound when attacking
  • Fixed a bug in which the cameras did not work
  • Fixed a bug in which the arcades appeared invisible
  • Fixed a problem with chica animations
  • Fixed an issue where freddy’s microphone would appear inverted
  • Fixed a bug where the “Stage curtains red block” block would appear with the texture of the “Silver Stage Spotlights” block
  • Fixed an error in which a red notice appears mentioning that the addon had serious errors in a file, this file has already been deleted to avoid problems
  • The file was fixed so that it can be imported correctly to MC from Android (in some cases, also for iOS)
  • Fixed a bug where the “stage curtains purple” block would appear without connections to other blocks
  • Fixed a problem with springlocks where they did not work
  • Fixed a bug with the items “Knife” and “Pirate Sword” in which they did not have names and 3D models
  • Fixed a bug where the “FNaF Movie office door” and “FNaF Movie office bathroom” door textures would appear with a red door texture
  • Fixed a bug with the texture of Fredbear’s microphone
  • Fixed a bug with the “Insiders/Testers Plushies” and “Supporters Plushies” blocks, in which they did not have variants
  • Fixed a bug where the name of the pizzeria ceilings was called “celling” instead of “ceiling”
  • And more blah blah


Download links
🍕 Download addon! (no ads) - RP+BP[mcaddon, 35.12 Mb]
🍕 Download addon! - RP+BP
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  1. This is by for one of the best fnaf mods to ever see the face of the internet. its so well made! just a quick question, will you be doing the rest of the games like 4, sl and ffps? also, is it possible to add an angle snap tostuff like office doors? because its a big pain getting them in the right position.