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This addon adds 13 new sets of gear, all with unique traits! Each set of gear comes with a full kit of armor and/or all of a pickaxe, axe, sword, and shovel! The sets are Bone Crusher tools and armor, Mecha tools and armor, Mystic tools and armor, Power tools and armor, Obsidian tools and armor, Copper tools and armor, Lapis tools, Slimeweave armor, Ultra Lapis tools, Seabrain armor, Amethyst tools and armor, Glow tools and Wood armor.

All tools, weapons, and armor in this addon are craftable in survival and all the tools, weapons, and armor can be obtained from the creative inventory. Crafting some armor, weapons, and tools is a long but interesting process in this addon.

Watch the video below, or explore this page to find out the full guide for the addon.

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More Gear Addon permission for ModBay

Sea Altar

You can find a Sea Altar in the ocean.

Sea Altar block

Interact with it to summon Drowned and Wetbrain. Seabrain are drops from Wetbrain (requires for crafting Seabrain Armor).

Drowned and Wetbrain mobs

New Armor

10 sets of new armor!

Bone Crusher Armor

Bone Crusher Armor

Slightly better than Netherite. Gives the effect of Resistance.

Bone Crusher Armor craft recipes

Copper Armor

Copper Armor

As good as diamond, but low durability and not enchantable.

Copper Armor craft recipes

Mecha Armor

Mecha Armor

Very very good, not enchantable.

Mechsuit Armor craft recipes

Mystic Armor

Mystic Armor

Very enchantable, slightly better than bone crusher.

Mtstic Armor craft recipes

Amethyst Armor

Amethyst Armor

Have low durability and are not enchantable, gives you strength.

Amethyst Armor craft recipes

Obsidian Armor

Obsidian Armor

Extremely high durability, but only iron quality and not enchantable.

Obsidian Armor craft recipes

Power Armor

Power Armor

The best gear obtainable.

Power Armor craft recipes

Seabrain Armor

Seabrain Armor

Similar to diamond, give you haste while in water, a full set gives you conduit powers, you can get them from finding sea altars in the ocean, interacting with them, and fighting the Wetbrain mob that gets spawned.

Seabrain Armor craft recipes

Slimeweave Armor

Slimeweave Armor

Very weak, gives you Jump Boost.

Slimeweave Armor craft recipes

Wooden Armor

Wooden Armor

Slightly worse than leather and not enchantable.

Wooden Armor craft recipes

New Tools

Bone Crusher Tools

Bone Crusher Tools craft recipes

Copper Tools

Copper Tools craft recipes

Mecha Tools

Mecha Tools craft recipes

Mystic Tools

Mystic Tools craft recipes

Amethyst Tools

Amethyst Tools craft recipes

Obsidian Tools

Obsidian Tools craft recipes

Glow Tools

Glow Sword in hand

Similar to iron, light up the surrounding area.

Glow Tools craft recipes

Lapis Tools

Lapis Tools craft recipes

Ultra Lapis Tools

Similar to diamond, gives you XP when using them.

Ultra Lapis Tools craft recipes

New Ingots

Bone Relic

Netherite scrap x4 + Enchanted Bone Dust:

Bone Relic ingot craft recipe

Glow Ingot

Glowstone x4 + End Rod:

Glow Ingot craft recipe


Requires a Mecha Scale, go to the Mecha Converter to find out how to get it.

Mechaironite ingot craft recipe


Bone Dust

Put Bone Block into Stonecutter to get Bone Dust.

Bone Dust in Stonecutter

Enchanted Bone Dust

Bottle o' Enchanting + Bone Dust + Golden Apple:

Enchanted Bone Dust craft recipe

Tough Stick

Netherite scrap x2 + Stick x3:

Tough Stick craft recipe


Netherite Ingot x2 + Diamond x2

Plating craft recipe

Fusion Reactor

Requires a Fusion Core, go to the Astral Summoner to find out how to get it.

Fusion Reactor craft recipe


More effective with wooden blocks.

Chainsaw craft recipe


Efficiently mines stone blocks and ores.

Drill craft recipe

The Logger

Chainsaw + Fusion Reactor + Mystic Wood Bender:

The Logger craft recipe

The Slasher

Mecha Blade + Fusion Reactor + Mystic Evil Slayer:

The Slasher craft recipe

The Jackhammer

Drill + Fusion Reactor + Mystic Rock Shifter:

The Jackhammer craft recipe

The Excavator

Mecha Shovel + Fusion Reactor + Mystic Ground Breaker:

The Excavator craft recipe

Mystic Heart

It can be used to craft Mystic Converter.

Block of Lapis Lazuli x4 + Enchanted Bone Dust x2 + Enchanted Apple x2 + Nether Star:

Mystic Heart craft recipe

Mecha Heart

Netherite Ingot x6 + Enchanted Bone Dust x2 + Nether Star:

Mecha Heart craft recipe

Astral Summoner

Interact with Astral Summoner to summon a lightning bolt.

Requires an Ancient Debris and Astral Converter, go to the Astral Converter to find out how to get it.

Astral Summoner craft recipe

High in the sky, you will see a structure in the form of a Star.

Fusion Core structure

In the center of the structure there is a block from which you can extract a Fusion Core.

Fusion Core and Glowstone blocks

Mystic Converter

Mystic Heart + Block of Iron x2

Mystic Converter craft recipe

Interact with the Lapis Lazuli Ore to turn it into Mystic Shard Ore.

Lapis Lazuli Ore and Mystic Shard Ore

Mecha Converter

Mecha Heart + Block of Iron x2:

Mecha Converter craft recipe

Interact with the Bedrock to turn it into Mechanical Bedrock.

How to get Mecha Scale items

Astral Converter

Mecha Converter + Mystic Converter + Nether Star:

Astral Converter craft recipe

Interact with the Ancient Debris to turn it into Cracked Debris.

Ancient Debris and Cracked Debris blocks

In summary, this is an armor, tools and weapons expansion addon that adds many gear sets of armor, tools and weapons. All armor, tools, and weapons are craftable for survival and all armor, tool, and weapon sets have been balanced for survival.

Some tips for the addon:

  • Use a Stonecutter to get Bone Dust
  • You can craft Enchanted Apples with the classic recipe (you need them for a recipe in the addon)
  • If you want to prepare for Mecha gear, have access to Bedrock
  • Top-tier armor, tools, and weapons are created by combining Mystic and Mecha gear, so don't throw it away when you are ready to upgrade


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