Item Physics v2.0.6

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This addon adds 3D physics to the items in game. If you want to have a more realistic vibes and experience something new, then give this a try. You will surely have fun using this!

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Creator: Coptaine

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay.

Required options:

Experimental options.

Map options.

How it works

Click the item to pick up or crouch to pick up all items nearby

How it works: demonstration.


  • Items are pushable
  • Items despawn after 5 minutes
  • Items don't lay flat on the ground when a player or a fox is within 1.25 blocks, or an allay within 4.25 blocks
  • Netherite physics, demonstration:

Netherite physics.

How to prevent despawning?

Items will automatically despawn after 5 minutes. To prevent it, add any name to the item. It also prevents them to be pickable when sneaking.

Included items

ALL ITEMS including addons

Included items.

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Item Physics v2.0.6
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