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Two words. HARDER SURVIVAL. For harder minecrafters. So, five words, actually. And two full stops. If you've conquered everything Minecraft has to offer, and you're strolling around the overworld, the nether, the end, singing to the skies how invincible you are, but wondering all the same, "should there be more....?"

Then this pack is FOR YOU. If you dare...


Creator: mno

Permission for ModBay:

Permission for ModBay.


Introducing the Voodoo Doll:

Old video

Fun changes

Some of the fun changes:

  • HARDER witches (the stars of the show, they can't wait to meet you). If they're too scary (they are) then you may keep them away with a Voodoo Doll (a rare drop from ... witches)
  • HARDER skeletons (they'll shoot you from far afar, firing two arrows simultaneously, and not burn during daylight)
  • HARDER ghasts (one-hit wonders, no more)
  • HARDER zombies (fast, fast fast, plus a rare giant zombie, not as fast)
  • HARDER creepers (*really* don't let them explode near your builds)
  • HARDER phantoms (spice up your night life)
  • HARDER ravagers (for when you want to trash a house)
  • HARDER vindicators (yes, really, and watch out for the little guys)
  • HARDER shulkers (a bit, anyway)
  • HARDER guardians (don't forget your fish food, oh, wait, that's you)
  • HARDER slimes (not so squishy now)
  • HARDER rabbits (at least some of the time, they can be a real *killer* hehehehe)
  • HARDER zoglins (they'll come for ya now)
  • HARDER piglins (you need to wear that gold armor!)
  • HARDER drowneds (those trident guys really have strong arms now)
  • HARDER hoglins (faster, deadlier, tougher)
  • HARDER bats (sometimes)
  • HARDER iron golems (not all one way traffic!), keep an eye out for the dire golem
  • HARDER glow squids (some will attack you)
  • TAMEABLE frogs (wait, what?) with melon seeds
  • HARDER ... you get the picture (and I can't remember any more right now!)

Some of the not-fun changes:

  • None found so far

First screenshot.

Second screenshot.

Note from the author

To the awesome youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on modbay/mcpedl. Cheers!

Download links
hurtmeplenty_v14.mcaddon[mcaddon, 388.38 Kb]
hurtmeplenty.v14.mcaddon (mediafire)
Supported versions
1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0