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This addon adds glowstone tools and armor that will help you light your way and protect yourself at the same time, the addon is available for Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.50 and up.


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When you use the glowstone tools you will be able to illuminate your path just by having it in your hand, however it does not illuminate as much as when using a torch, to start you must craft the tools in the following way.

Craft recipes for tools.

As I said, this will allow you to illuminate your path by carrying it in your hand, each of the tools illuminates in the same way, here is a test video.


In the same way, you can also craft an armor that will be much better to light your way since, apart from having that function, it will also protect you like normal armor in the game.

Craft recipes for armor.

If you use only a part of the armor it will only illuminate a little, however if you have more parts or the complete glowstone armor the illumination will be much greater, here is a video where I show how it works.

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