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This add-on is for those technical users out there who wants to get information about a certain entity, block or an item. This can be helpful when you want to get a certain block state, get a certain mobs health or variant, etc., or get the details of a certain item.


When you put the addon inside your world you would see a message above your hotbar about the details of what you are looking at. Currently you can get details about the item you are holding, The entity you are looking at, and The block you are looking at.

MC View Demonstration



Entity Viewing


Block Viewing


Item Viewing


There is aso an advance section of the entity viewing, just shift/sneak while looking at the entity to show its components.

Does the text not fit on the screen?

If the advanced description does not fit on the screen, go to settings: Video > GUI Scale Modifier. Reduce this setting.

Advanced viewing: GUI Scale Modifier

Advance Viewing

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Required Experimental Settings

Updated on October 05

MC 1.20.30:

  • Updated to 1.20.30
  • Updated Addon Manifest and Gametest Code
Changelog for v3 / April 27 / Old Update

Version 3:

  • Updated to 1.19.80
  • Updated Addon Manifest and Gametest Code
Changelog for v2 / March 19 / Old Update

Version 2:

  • Updated to 1.19.70
  • Due to scripting no longer supporting item data values, it has been removed from being viewed
Download links
MC VIEW 1.20.30 (Boostellar)
MC View All Versions (Boostellar)
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0