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Introducing ExtraBiomes - Elevate Your Minecraft Bedrock Adventure!

Dive into a world of limitless possibilities with Extra Biomes, the ultimate custom world generation mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition! Brace yourself for an epic journey through lush landscapes, uncharted territories, and hidden wonders as you explore the game like never before.

๐ŸŒ Explore New Frontiers: Immerse yourself in a breathtaking array of brand-new biomes, including six underground wonders and a captivating floating Sky City biome.

โ›๏ธ Unearth Unique Treasures: Discover an abundance of fresh blocks, items, and entities that will revolutionize your gameplay. Your Minecraft world is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

๐Ÿ—๏ธ Find Astonishing Features: Prepare to be amazed by a plethora of captivating structures and features that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

๐Ÿ’Ž PBR Mapped: Experience Minecraft like never before! all textures in ExtraBiomes are PBR maped, delivering stunning visuals when used with another RTX resource pack or the new shader system currently in preview.

Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before. Extra Biomes is here to redefine your Minecraft Bedrock experience. Explore, build, and conquer in a world filled with endless possibilities. Are you ready for the journey?

- Please read -

Due to changes made to world generation In 1.18, the ability to generate custom biomes (not features) were " temporarily" removed, this means that in all versions of 1.18 - 1.20 true custom biomes won't generate properly but there are ways around this, please watch the video below to see how to the best experience with ExtraBiomes.

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- Biomes -

- Overworld Biomes -

- Charred Forest -

Charred Forest Biome

Screenshot of the Charred Forest Biome

The Charred Forest Is a biome found in warm climates where It was so hot that all the vegetation was burnt to a smoldering pile of basalt, Very little has survived here, and there are still remnants of fire and smoke throughout the biome.

- The Floating Jungle -

Floating Jungle Biome

The floating jungle is a jungle biome on top of steep cliffs with deep gauges cutting through the cliffs where jungle rivers have cut their way through the tall layers of rock, any waters you may find here may be infested with piranhas (see below) giant tortoise (see below) and tree frogs (not Minecraft frogs, see below) all spawn here and in the caves inside the cliffs and in the ground below there is an underground jungle (see below)

- The Fungal Jungle -

Fungal Jungle Biome

The fungal jungle emerges when a Jungle meets a Mushroom Island, with patches of mycelium spread across the ground giving the hopping spores (see below) and mushrooms a space to live, and the dense jungle around there's clearings contains large numbers of mushrooms including the 10 new colors and varieties of mushrooms added in Extrabiomes (see below), as well as this, an underground mushroom (see below) and an underground mushroom biome both, coexist in harmony beneath this biome.

- The Jungle Marsh -

Jungle Marsh Biome

The Jungle Marsh is a swamp-like biome found inside jungles, Mushrooms, and swamp trees (oak trees with vines) will spawn here, as well as tiny jungle trees in shallow areas, tree stumps below the water level and lots of piranhas spawn here, so watch out if you enter this water!

- The Frozen Mesa -

Frozen Mesa Biome

Ever wondered what would happen to a mesa biome over the winter? Well, this is it, the frozen mesa, and it is just that, in most ways, it is very similar to the regular mesa, just in a cooler climate, and also the underground mesa (see below) generates here.

- The Frozen Mesa Plateau -

Frozen Mesa Plateau Biome

Just like the regular mesa has a plateau (the big flat hill on top) variant, the frozen mesa does too, which is just like the regular frozen mesa, but a plateau.

- The Frozen Mesa Bryce -

Frozen Mesa Bryce Biome

Also like the frozen mesa plateau, this is a variant of the frozen mesa, but instead of being a big flat hill, this is essentially the regular frozen mesa, but with the Bryce pillars.

- The Lush Mesa -

Lush Mesa Biome

Screenshot of the Lush Mesa Biome

When a mesa becomes humid enough to support a jungle biome, a jungle can start to spread over the mesa to form a lush mesa, In this biome, there is a lower section where a jungle spawns, however at higher levels, it is still too dry for a jungle to spread and so higher up there are patches of terracotta and under lakes. under the lush mesa is a mix of both an underground jungle, where the stone is all replaced with terracotta, and the floors are all underground jungle with grass, vegetation and jungle trees, also All mobs that spawn in jungles will spawn here, and like in mesas, gold is abundant here.

- The Lush Mesa Bryce -

Lush Mesa Bryce Biome

The lush mesa Bryce is my favorite biome so far in Extrabiomes, it is very similar to the regular lush mesa, however, this has the Bryce pillars from mesa Bryce biomes, as well as lots of little lakes throughout the biome, which look really nice, although I wouldn't enter the water if I were you, as it is full of piranhas!

- Jungle Pillars -

Jungle Pillars Biome

Screenshot of the Jungle Pillars Biome

This biome is a jungle with gigantic pillars of stone shooting up through the skyline.

- The Shattered Swamp -

Shattered Swamp Biome

Screenshot of the Shattered Swamp biome

The shattered swamp is a variant of the swamp biome, with terrain generation similar to that of a shattered savanna biome, and unlike a regular swamp there are patches of moss on the ground and bamboo throughout, and like the regular swamps, the new mushrooms spawn here, and so do the tree frogs that spawn in jungles too.

- The Mystic Forest -

Mystic Forest Biome

Screenshot of the Mystic Forest Biome

The Mystic Swamp is a fantasy-style swamp biome, with a mystic tree which spawns there which is a custom wood type with a purple hue, and the leaves glow, there is also a purple fog in the biome, and there is a glowing purple goo on the floor, this biome looks particularly nice when used with RTX.

- The Moorlands -

Moorlands Biome

Screenshot of the Moorlands Biome

The Moorlands biome is a hilly Lowlands biome, covered in long grass, and podzol, with lots of lakes dotted around the land, Lots of animals will spawn here as it is a perfect environment for a lot of wildlife.

- The Futuristic Desert -

Futuristic Desert Biome

The futuristic desert is a very rare custom desert biome with white concrete being used as sand with little futuristic trees, This biome was the first biome added before I was even planning to make it into what ExtraBiomes is today, I was just trying to replicate a custom biome I made around my base In a world, but please note that this biome is rare for a reason, as there is a chance that if there is a very large lake, if a block is updated, and a large enough amount of concrete powder is updated to concrete at once, it may cause a crash, so maybe avoid doing that I guess lol.

- Jellyfish Fields -

Jellyfish Fields Biome

The Jellyfish fields Is a reference to the jellyfish fields in the cartoon SpongeBob, The jellyfish mob (see below) spawns here, the floor is covered with grass stone which is a custom block in the mod (see below) and there are custom corral structures and sea pickles covering the floor.

- The Tropical Island -

Tropical Island Biome

The Tropical Island biome is a chain of islands that can be found in warm/lukewarm oceans, They are sandy islands covered with grass and vegetation like moss carpets and melons, as well as palm trees which are a custom tree type that can be found both here and on beaches, there is also a shallow coral reef that can be found around the island.

- The Glacier -

Glacier Biome

Screenshot of the Glacier Biome

The glacier is an extremely deep block of ice stretching from the top of the glacier which is the height of your average hill all the way down to bedrock, with the lower layers containing Ice Caves where Lapis has a higher chance of spawning. The ice caves lower down will mainly be made from packed Ice with patches of stone and dirt floating in the ice, higher up, regular unpacked ice can be found, again with caves running through, this again can get patches of stone and dirt running through, and all ores that would be found there can still be found, and then on the very top is a deep layer of snow.

- Tiaga Spikes -

Tiaga Spikes Biome

The Taiga Spikes biome is a variation of the Ice Spikes biome that contains everything you would find in a snowy taiga biome, in my opinion, this is a massive upgrade to the vanilla ice spikes biome, giving it so much more life than the vanilla ice spikes.

- Shattered Taiga Spikes -

Shattered Taiga Spikes Biome

Screenshot of the Shattered Taiga Spikes Biome

These biomes are Tiaga spikes biomes, but with the terrain shaped like a shattered savannah biome with a ton of height difference, this makes it look really pretty but is extremely annoying to walk through on foot in survival, so good luck.

- The Netherlands -

Netherlands Biome

Screenshot of the Netherlands Biome

The Netherlands I based on the Netherlands in real Life on the surface, full of tulip fields, windmills and wheat fields, but underground is a mini nether in the overworld.

- Underground Biomes -

- The Underground Lush Mesa -

The Underground Lush Mesa Biome (Screenshot 1)

The Underground Lush Mesa Biome (Screenshot 2)

The Underground Lush Mesa Biome (Screenshot 3)

The underground lush mesa generates below lush mesa biomes, it is like the underground jungle, and like the underground mesa, the underground lush mesa is made from terracotta instead of stone.

- The Underground Glacier -

The Underground Glacier Biome (Screenshot 1)

The Underground Glacier Biome (Screenshot 2)

The Underground Glacier Biome (Screenshot 3)

The underground glacier can be found underneath a glacier biome, with the caves made of ice at higher layers and packed ice lower down as it has become compressed. Lapis is common here. melting ice from this biome also forms crystal-clear aquafers.

- The Underground Fungal Jungle -

The Underground Fungal Jungle Biome (Screenshot 1)

The Underground Fungal Jungle Biome (Screenshot 2)

The Underground Fungal Jungle biome (screenshot 3)

The underground fungal jungle is a mixture between an underground jungle and an underground mushroom island, so mushrooms and jungle vegetation grow throughout the biome as well as all of the jungle mobs and the hopping spores from the mushroom islands.

- The Sky City -

The sky city is a floating city that can be found in the sky throughout the world on all versions, where there is a giant cloud in the sky that will generate a city on top of it, with a small forest on smaller clouds around the outside made from the new sky tree's. in the middle, there will be a few blocks scattered throughout the sky city, once one of these blocks receives a random tick a Sky City will generate, a network of paths and buildings sprawling out from them and fountains can generate around the outside allowing the player to swim up to them, in the tall buildings, there are spawners for the harpy mob, which are an aggressive mob which attack you with bursts of a throwing knife-like weapon, which are razor feathers. these razor feathers will be dropped, and can then be used as weapons, (see the items section below, for the razor feather and its upgrades). Loot chests can also be found up here containing lots of items, but mainly gold.

- The Underground Jungle -

The Underground Jungle Biome (Screenshot 1)

The Underground Jungle Biome (Screenshot 2)

The Underground Jungle Biome (Screenshot 3)

The underground jungle will spawn underneath all jungle biomes, In these biomes a layer of dirt sediment has been deposited into the cave systems and then over time has become overgrown, firstly by grass, and later moss and azalea bushes started to spread, and then came the trees and bamboo, with the glow Berrys above giving off light which allows these underground plants to undergo photosynthesis to survive. and in this ecosystem, you can find mobs like giant tortoises, piranhas frogs and parrots as well as everything else you would find in a cave.

- The Underground Mesa -

The Underground Mesa Biome (Screenshot 1)

The Underground Mesa Biome (Screenshot 2)

The Underground Mesa Biome (Screenshot 3)

The underground badlands biome spawns underneath regular badlands biomes, in these underground mesas, all the stone /deep slate has been replaced with terracotta of all sorts of different colors, making for a gorgeous Mosaic pattern of terracotta throughout the biome, and a few colors of terracotta can be found here which wouldn't generate naturally, like blue and cyan.

- The Underground Mushroom Island -

The Underground Mushroom Island Biome (Screenshot 1)

The Underground Mushroom Island Biome (Screenshot 2)

The Underground Mushroom Island Biome (Screenshot 3)

The underground mushroom biome will generate underneath regular mushroom biomes, in these biomes the floors have all been covered in mycelium, and mushrooms have grown on top, including the 9 new mushroom colors, one of those being the glow mushrooms, and as well as these colors, there are a couple more styles for the vanilla red and brown mushrooms. And the hopping spore mob will spawn here and hop around spreading its dust of spores behind it, growing more mushrooms in their wake.

- Mobs -

- Mobs -

- Puckoo -

Puckoo Mob

Puckoo Mob Variants

The Puckoo is a mob whose concept was made by a friend of mine (who wishes not to be named) in the concept art you see above, they can also be tamed, saddled and ridden like a horse, they are fast but have a hard time jumping.

- The Giant Tortoise -

Giant Tortoise Mob

The Giant Tortoise is a mob that can be found in Jungle biomes, underground jungles, and lush mesas, this is a very tough mob to encounter especially in the early game, so be careful when in Jungles. the giant tortoise attacks by spinning a ball towards you and charging into you, using its sharp shell to do damage to the player, This mob can also jump up to 10 blocks in the air in a spinning mode. these mobs are also great swimmers and drop scutes when killed (in the future their drops will likely change).

- Jellyfish -

Jellyfish Mob

Jellyfish are a mob that will spawn jellyfish fields and less commonly warm oceans and come in 2 colors, pink and purple, Getting near it can cause it to sting you, and you can catch it in a jellyfish net, or click it with a glass bottle to give you a jar of jellyfish jam.

- Treefrogs -

Treefrog Mob

Treefrogs can be found in jungle biomes and their variants, as well as in swamps/ mangrove swamps, these mobs are different to normal frogs, they can jump higher, and also they drop frog's legs when killed which ether can be cooked or be used to make a frog hat which can be worn by both you and your dog.

- The Worm -

The worm mob can be found throughout the overworld, but most commonly in the rain or thunderstorms, and can be used to craft bait which is a throwable item that can be used to lore the piranha mob away from you so you don't get eaten when crossing the waters inside jungle biomes, lush mesa biomes and the underground jungle biomes too.

- The harpy -

Harpy Mob

The harpy mob can be found in the sky city, either by spawning in or from the spawners that can be found inside of the towers in the sky city, the harpy is a flying mob and will attack you by throwing a volley of razor feathers at you. razor feathers are a throwing knife-like weapon, which deals a moderate amount of damage when they hit you. on death the harpies will drop razor feathers which are thrown on use like a snowball and will spin through the air, however, they can be picked up where they land and also can be upgraded to a diamond and netherite version.

- Piranhas -

Piranhas Variants

The piranha is a dangerous hostile mob that spawns throughout the different jungle biomes that can be found in Extrabiomes as well as rarely in mangrove swamps, an individual piranha will barely hurt you, however, these mobs will spawn in very large groups, and that can lead to you being eaten up very quickly if you fall into piranha-infested waters, try to avoid falling in, and if you do fall into piranha-infested waters, make sure you have some bait with you, bait can be crafted from worms, and once thrown, piranhas will prefer to eat it overeating you, and so you will be able to swim to safety.

- The Hopping Spores -

Hopping Spores

Hopping spores are a mob that can be found around the mushroom island, fungal jungle, underground mushroom island and a warped and crimson hopping spore will spawn in the warped and crimson biomes. the hopping spores are little mushrooms that come in 12 different colors, they will hop around the mushroom/fungus biomes making a squeaky sound and spreading a dusting of spores behind them, these spores then have a chance to grow a mushroom of the hopping spores type. the hopping spores also have baby versions and can be bred by feeding hopping spores any mushroom, however, they refuse to pathfind towards a mate so you may need to give them a nudge into another one lol.

- Blocks-

- Blocks -

- Sky Wood -

Sky Wood Blocks

Sky wood is a blueish wood type that can be found surrounding a sky city, it grows on dense clouds in the outer area of a sky city, it is just like any regular wood type but blue in color.

- Gilded Sky Wood -

Gilded Sky Wood Blocks

Glided sky wood is a version of sky wood that has been infused with gold, it is crafted by taking the sky wood version of that peace and crafting it with a gold ingot to get the gilded sky wood version of that block, also please note that not every sky wood block has a gilded variant.

- Mystic Wood -

Mystic Wood Blocks

Mystic wood can be found in the mystic forest biome, or mystic saplings can be traded by the wondering trader for players in 1.19, the mystic trees are a large purple tree with flowery leaves, as can be seen above.

- Palm Wood -

Palm Wood Blocks

Palm wood can be found on both tropical islands and along beaches, palm trees come in 3 different sizes, and their bark is different to other trees.

- Stick Piles -

Stick Piles Blocks

Stick Piles can be found generated around your world, in piles or can be crafted with 9 sticks on a crafting table, the stick pile blocks can be placed in any direction and can make for a really nice decorative feature in your base.

- Grass Stone -

Grass Stone Blocks

Grass Stone can be found covering the seafloor in jellyfish fields, and has a rare easter egg texture for you to find, apart from that this block is too to interesting TBH and may just be replaced with moss in the future as moss wasn't in the game when this block was created lol.

- Dense Clouds -

Dense Clouds Blocks

Dense Clouds are the foundation material of the sky city, they can be crafted into bricks, and those bricks can then be crafted into slabs and stairs, with RTX enabled, the blue parts will also appear reflective as shown above.

- Goo -

Goo Blocks

Goo is a block that can be found being used as the liquid in a mystic swamp biome, it is a flammable block and will slow you down when walking through it, if it were possible I would like this block to be a liquid, however, custom liquids are currently not possible, so it is a block for now, and also if you place it on a campfire or soul campfire, you can dry the goo out and convert it to a slime ball.

- Mushrooms -

Mushrooms Blocks

There are 9 new colors and styles of mushrooms which will grow in your world, that all act like regular vanilla mushrooms, however in these new styles, including the glow mushrooms which can be found in caves throughout the world to provide some light in the dark caves.

- Items / Weapons / Armor -

- Items / Weapons / Armor -

- The Razor Feather -

- The Frog Hat -

Please note that the effects for this currently don't work.

- Jellyfishing Nets -

- Jellyfish Jam -

- Bait -

- Features / Structures -

- Trees -

- The Sky Tree -

The Sky Tree

- The Mystic Tree -

The Mystic Tree

- The Palm Tree -

The Palm Tree

- Stick Piles -

Stick Piles

- Pebbles -


- Stone Patches -

Stone Patches (Screenshot 1)

Stone Patches (Screenshot 2)

Stone Patches (Screenshot 3)

Stone Patches (Screenshot 4)

Stone Patches (Screenshot 5)

Stone Patches (Screenshot 6)

- Mushrooms -

- Screenshots -

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 1)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 2)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 3)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 4)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 5)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 6)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 7)

ExtraBiomes Addon (Screenshot 8)

- Credits -


Download Steps, important and different to other mods, please read for the best experience if you haven't watched the video at the top.

1: Click the 1st link below.

2: Click on Free Access.

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 1)

3: Click through any ads that come up and you will get here.

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 2)

4: Scroll down and click the download button to download.

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 3)

5: Now go back to the MODBAY page and click on the 2nd link down called "Blank Compatible Worlds Watch the video above, but must be used for the mod to work".

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 4)

6: Open up the extrabiomes.mcaddon file in Minecraft, and go to extract the world's zip file, open up that folder then open every world or as many as you want in Minecraft (or use the other method shown in the video). now you have done that go to edit on one of these worlds.

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 5)

7: Make sure that at least these experiments are turned on.

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 6)

8: Add the resource and behaviour packs, It may also say there are missing versions of the pack in these worlds, just remove that and add the current version.

Extrabiomes Addon Installation (Screenshot 7)

9: Join the world and enjoy!

Updated on October 01

  • This minor update adds support for Minecraft version 1.20.30, as there were some breaking changes to items and feature rules in this version meaning the pack needed updating to fix them.
Changelog for September 09 / Old Update

Biome Additions

Jungle Rivers

  • These are rivers that cut through the heart of the jungle, their beds are lined with moss and mossy cobblestone, and they are teeming with life.

Desert Rivers

  • These rivers spawn in deserts and are a great habitat for coral and tropical fish. (We are ignoring the fact that this is fresh water, not salt water lmao).

The Netherlands Biome

  • The Netherlands I based on the Netherlands in real Life on the surface, full of tulip fields, windmills and wheat fields, but underground is a mini nether in the overworld.

Desert Bryce Biome

  • The Desert Bryce is a desert biome but uses the mesa's Bryce pillar generation style, for some reason an internal change in the more recent versions these have gone from being giant monuments to being tiny little pillars, but it's still interesting.

Jungle Pillars

  • These, like the desert also have used the Bryce feature, however, also have huge stone pillars that get covered by the jungle vegetation.

Shattered Taiga Spikes

  • These biomes are Taiga Spikes biomes, but with the terrain shaped like a shattered savanna biome with a ton of height difference, this makes it look gorgeous but is extremely annoying to walk through on foot in survival, so good luck.

Feature Additions

  • Added Windmills.
  • Added Snow Drifts.
  • Added Mossy Pebble Patches.

Block additions

  • Implemented overworld nether ores for the Underground Netherlands.
  • Added Mossy Pebbles.


  • Implemented the Puckoo mob, a little chicken/koi fish/duck thingymabob which likes to eat the moss off pebbles and can be saddled and ridden.

Other Changes

  • Updated the codebase to be compatible with 1.20 versions, this took up the majority of my time working on this update as I was disheartened by the amount of breaking changes introduced over time which I had to work around, and so this is the main reason that this update took so long and for that I am sorry.
  • No longer uses player.json.
  • Introduced the new method of setting the world generation in version 1.17.42 see above.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with Sky City generation, as the changes needed to update the blocks broke pretty much every structure.
  • Also, a ton of bug fixes and minor changes, but I've forgotten most of what I did before I took a fairly long break lmao.
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