WorldEdit: Bedrock Edition [Landscaping Update]

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This is a Minecraft Bedrock addon port of the famous WorldEdit mod for Minecraft: Java Edition. The addon comes with custom commands to make building easier, and more fun! Not only that; there are also custom items to make it easier for anyone on any device to use this.
Note: This addon relies on experimental features.

What's New

Creations made with WorldEdit

By: Hemuli - YouTube

Creation by Hemuli

By: Gliese 118HD - YouTube

Creation by Gliese 118HD


Creation by MATHVR1

By: HuaLian (@HuaLian5459) / Twitter

Creation by HuaLian5459

By: SlagBluecup

Creation by SlagBluecup

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Please read the quick start section in Settings > How to Play while playing in a WorldEdit enabled world, for a short guide on how the addon works.

WorldEdit Documentation in Game

For more extensive information, please visit the addon's online documentation site (https://worldedit-be-docs.readthedocs.io). If you have questions, please visit the doc's FAQ page.


WorldEdit: Bedrock Edition has many of the important features that the original mod has. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Clipboard manipulation (Cut, Copy, Paste)
  • A convenient WorldEdit kit to access common features
  • Stacking and moving blocks and regions
  • Rotating and flipping regions
  • Powerful block patterns and masks
  • Navigation commands
  • Generating shapes; built-in and custom
  • Creating walls, lines and outlines
  • Smoothing terrain
  • Undo and redo
  • Filling and replacing blocks
  • Painting with brushes
  • Saving and loading structures (app required to happen between worlds)
  • Modify biomes (app required)

WorldEdit App

There is an app for WorldEdit that allows you to do more things than the addon can do alone! Currently it can help you with exporting structures to other worlds and changing biomes.

Download for Windows here.

Documentation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work on consoles?

Yes, as long as you have a way of getting the addon on those devices.

Why isn't the addon working for me?

There are four possible reasons why your addon may not be working.

  1. You didn't enable the "Beta APIs" experiment.
  2. You didn't apply both the behaviour pack and resource pack to your world.
  3. You are not playing on the right version of Minecraft. As of writing, the addon supports 1.20.50.
  4. The addon may be broken for you. You can try three things.
    • Reload with /reload
    • Restart Minecraft
    • Redownload the addon
    • Reinstall Minecraft

If the problem persists, you may come to the Discord for support, or report it as a bug here.

Can I use WorldEdit with other addons?

It should be compatible with any other addon you have in your world, but said compatibility is not guaranteed.

How do I make coloured blocks, different types of wood, etc...?

How Minecraft works is that some blocks are just variations of a base block. Red wool for example is just a variation of the default white wool, and granite is just a variation of stone. To define these variations, you can use either data values (wool:1 = orange wool), or block states (stone_slab[stone_slab_type=brick] = brick slabs). For more information on using blocks in commands, go to this docs page.

Note that Mojang are in the process of flattening these blocks as of writing, meaning that they will all eventually have their own separate IDs like on Java.

How do I remove selection particles?

That depends on the outcome you want.

  • Use ;drawsel to toggle the visibility of the selection. The selection is still there, so you can still use your usual selection-based commands.
  • Use ;desel to clear your selection (not the blocks inside. Use ;cut for that). As soon as you start making your selection it will once again be highlighted with particles, unless you used ;drawsel to disable it.
How do I uninstall the addon from the world?
Are you affiliated with the original mod creators?

Nope! I developed this addon on my own.

Where else can I ask questions?

I have a Discord server for this addon. You can go there, hangout, and ask away.


Bug Reports and Feature Requests

If you've encountered a bug, or have a suggestion for this addon, please go to the issues page to see if your bug or request has already been reported. If not, feel free to do so!


Speak another language? Help the addon become more localized by going to the addon's Crowdin page here.


This addon is under the GPLv3 license. This means that you:

  • CAN modify, copy and distribute this addon.
  • CAN use it privately or for commercial use.
  • CAN'T change the license of your modified version.
  • CAN'T make the modified source code closed.
  • HAVE TO indicate any changes in the modified version.

Videos of the addon are also allowed, but you must link to this page, or the one in CurseForge for downloading. And remember. Plagiarism is still plagiarism.

Special Thanks

The backbone of this addon's code is a heavily modified version of notbeer's GameTest API Wrapper.

And thanks to the original creator of the WorldEdit mod "sk89q" and EngineHub as a whole. They developed and excellent mod, and I'm just simply making a version of it work on bedrock. They're the real heroes. :)


It took time and effort to make this addon, so if you can, please support me by donating via PayPal! You can also join Discord or follow me on Twitter to be notified of any new additions to the addon.


Firstly, go to the download section link appropriate for your Minecraft version. You'll be going through Linkvertise, but it's fine! Just go through as instructed and a file called "WorldEdit.mcaddon" should be downloaded.

Locally (and Realms)

After downloading the addon, you open it with Minecraft, and it will be imported into your game.

  • Android users need to use a third-party file explorer such as CX File Explorer to open the file.
  • iOS users should use Documents.

Once there, choose a world you want to apply this addon to, and add the behaviour pack and resource pack together. The "Beta APIs" experiments must also be enabled.

Required Experiments for WorldEdit Addon

And that's it! Your world is now ready for WorldEdit.

Third Party Servers

The version for third-party server is "WorldEdit.server.zip" and it contains the behaviour pack folder, resource pack folder, and the addon's "variables.json" file which is used to customize the addon's function. Installing the packs depends on the server, and it's method hosting, but "variables.json" must be placed in the server's "config/default" folder or "config/<module uuid>" folder, where the uuid is the addon's uuid defined in its behaviour pack manifest file.

Aternos Server

Note: Aternos doesn't seem to accept json files, so you may need to use the normal mcaddon version of the addon with it.

To properly add this addon to an Aternos server, you first need to upload an already existing world with the required experimental features enabled. Do not upload a world with the addon already applied on it! You must then install the addon separately in the server's packs folder. Read more about how Aternos handles addons and experimental features here and here.

WorldEdit App

The app is currently for Windows only. The download link is in the page description, as well as documentation for running and using it.

Updated on April 28

Supported version: 1.20.80

  • Nothing new. Just a version for 1.20.80

Full Changelog:ย v0.8.6...v0.8.7

v0.8.6 / March 14 / Old Update
  • Supported version: 1.20.70
  • Fixed items with tools bounded becoming unusable after removing WorldEdit access from player.
  • Fixed history deletion causing crashes on servers.

Full Changelog: v0.8.5...v0.8.6

v0.8.5 / February 16 / Old Update
  • Supported version: 1.20.60
  • Fixed certain directional blocks not rotating/flipping properly.

Full Changelog: v0.8.4...v0.8.5

Download links
๐Ÿ“ฆ Download WorldEdit (for worlds and realms๐ŸŒ)
๐Ÿ“ฆ Download WorldEdit (for servers๐Ÿ’ฝ)
๐Ÿ”จ CurseForge Page
๐Ÿ“– Documentation
๐Ÿ’ต Donate via PayPal
๐Ÿ’ฌ Join the Discord
๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿ’ป GitHub Repo
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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