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Roblox Hotel+ | Update v.2.2 Mini bug Fix release!

Thumbnail: Roblox Hotel+ | Update v.2.2 Mini bug Fix release!

This addon is inspired by the DOORS horror place for the Roblox game! It adds many new items and entities. They are all interactive and have behaviors.

Table of Contents



18 new entities in total:

  • Ambush
  • Timothy
  • Screech
  • Snare
  • Seek
  • El Goblino
  • Rush
  • Jeff's store
  • Jack
  • Halt
  • Glitch
  • Figure
  • Eyes
  • Dupe
  • A-60
  • A-90
  • A-120
  • Bob

Spawn entity items from Doors Hotel



12 new items:

  • Crucifix
  • Crucifix -[Extended]-
  • Entity Remover
    • Interact with the entity from the addon to remove it
  • Flashlight
    • Right-click to turn on
    • Crouch and right-click to turn off
  • Key
  • Shakelight
  • Skull Door Key
  • Lighter
    • Right-click to turn on
    • Crouch and right-click to turn off
  • Candle
  • Lockpick
  • Vitamins
  • NVCS - 3000

All items from Doors Hotel


It can be used to protect and banish monsters.

Ambush banishing

The Seek and the Figure monsters will only be caught for a few seconds, but will not be banished.


You can only hide for a few seconds, before 'hide' forcefully kicks you out.

(the GIF was speeded)

Hiding in the Wardrobe


3 variants of intractable drawers

New table variants


  • There are 4
  • 6 types of doors in the addon
  • 2 of these don't require any tools
  • To open the Locked Door, you will need a Key or a Lockpick
  • To open the Skull Door, you will need a Skull Door Key

New Doors


Update 2.0 Trailer:

Update 2.2 review:

Updated on May 18


  • Chair
    • You can sit on it
    • Entities can also sit on a chair


  • Some entities now have the glow effect, just like in the original game
  • Improved some entities animations
  • New death animations for some entities
  • Figure now has a new cutscene animation
  • Revamped some items
  • Shakelight can be rechared
    • By sneaking and then right-clicking
  • Flashlight can be rechared
    • Combine it with a battery on the crafting table
  • Candles can detect Eyes, Rush, or Screech
    • It will turn its flame off automatically
  • Wardrobe and Cupboard now have a 1/10 chance you could get jumpscared by Jack

To execute Figure cutscene animation, type the following command:

  • /function figure_animation2


  • Fixed bug when Keys not disappear
  1. chrissoso29
    How do I get the map?
  2. No avatar image
    i installed it and it didnt give me like both crucifixes,flashlight ,lighter,keys both,and the entity remover,tablet okay almost nothing ekcept vitamins
    1. D
      Make sure that you:
      - downloaded the behavior and resource packs
      - activated both packs (behavior and resource)
      - activated all experiments
  3. radiatortree00
    Crucifix and keys not loading in. All data packs installed correctly and when summoned with command, it says the object has been spawned in but it's not on the ground near me or in my inventory. help?
  4. RT60
    need help. the mcaddon is downloaded as a i opened it it just has json files manifest files and mcfunction files and no downloadable content. how do i import the file to minencraft?
    1. D
      Hi! Are you using iOS/iPadOS?
  5. keeasamccoy4
    Lol Doors was New Now.
  6. timyenne
    We can't get this to run on my son's tablet, numerous errors keep popping up and my son is upset, is this Amazon fire tablet compatible and if so, how do we make it work?
    1. D
      What errors are displayed?
      1. timyenne
        hi, sorry to get back to this so late, my son went off to play other games and I forgot about it until he brought it back up just now lol. Here's what I'm seeing under the Behavior Pack:

        Error list:
        Issue: The property '/header/min_engine_version' must have a value set less than '1.13.0'. To use a higher version, you need to use format version 2.
        Issue: Missing dependency with ID '173708fd-39e5-4304-8220-e214e1c8b712' and version '0.0.1'.
        1. Dune
          It seems like the addon is trying to use syntax from a different format version. You could try to re-download the addon and put experimental gameplay on, You MUST activate all experimental gameplay toggles tin the experiments section for the addon to work. Also what version of minecraft is downloaded on your device? to get the version of your game, open the main menu, look in the bottom right corner and type the number here. This could also be the result of a recent bug where minecraft pack validation incorrectly states that there is a missing dependency.(or it could actually have a missing dependency)
  7. eallison0002
    it maed my miadefire
  8. eallison0002
    l,m cant get the door mod v2 it got block from by school labtop