Magic Botany Pots

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This addon is very useful and cool to auto growing the saplings, seeds and more. And It's Original Mod from JAVA.

[----- โ€ข What is it? โ€ข -----]

Magic Botany Pots are useful in auto farming. It can grow many kinds of crops. And it is commonly used in mod packs in Java as well. This add-on is inspired by Darkhaxdev's Botany Pots.

[----- โ€ข How it work? โ€ข ----- ]

It's very simple, just use 5 Terracotta blocks to craft a pot. After that put dirt, grass and seeds into the blocks. Different crops take different time to grow.

Pots Type :

Dirt, Grass

Growing Time :

All Saplings - 120s (2min)

All Flowers - 30s (30s)

Wheat, Carrot, Potato, Beetroot, Sweet Berries - 30s (30s)

Melon, Pumpkin - 60s (1min)

Recipes :

Pot recipe

Features :

'Get Block Back' - Sneaking and Tap at the pot.

Pot and grass

'Faster Product' - Holding Bone Meal and Tap at the pot.

Pot and Bone Meal

'Animation While Growing' -

Animation While Growing

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