Forested Trees [V.4] More Trees! || Final Update!

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Bored of Oak, Birch, or Spruce? Well, Fear not! This Addon adds 8 new Wood Types spawning around the World!

And in the future, there will be more Wood Types! So hope you enjoy!


Every wood type has the following:

  • Slabs
  • Stairs
  • Trapdoors
  • All Wood Recipes
  • 3 Different Trees
  • Saplings
    • Leaves which decay like normal leaves
  • Logs/Stripped Logs (Also Wood)
  • Fence and Fence gate
  • Crafting Table
  • Bookshelf
  • Wooden Lanterns
  • Petals

Cherry and Ebony have a new Fruit with them!

Pictures of the Lanterns/Crafting Tables, Bookshelfes and Petals

Bookshelfes Blocks

Crafting Tables Blocks

Lanterns and New Planks

Log Blocks, Flowers and Saplings

Let's Begin with the Wood Type that is in almost every Wood Addon ever!


Cherry Wood is found in Birch Forests, it's pretty common and isn't that tall!
It's Pink-Purplish and also highly flammable, wouldn't recommend for the Nether!
The Cherry Leaves will decay, and they drop Cherries instead of Apples.

Cherry Tree

Wooden Cherry Blocks


Blue Mahoe

Blue Mahoe Wood spawns in Taiga Forests and isn't that Tall. It drops Apples like normal trees and the color of the Wood is... Well, Blue!

Blue Mahoe Tree

Wooden Blue Mahoe Blocks


Ebony is found in Dark Oak Forests and is pretty thick. It's Dark and it drops a new type of fruit! Ebony Persimmon will give regeneration once consumed!

Keep in mind, it needs a 2x2 sapling area to grow, similar to Dark Oak!
Also, Ebony is a little fire and explosion resistaned!

Ebony Trees

Wooden Ebony Blocks

Ebony Persimmon


Greenheart is found in Jungle and is Green!
It's just a bit fire and explosion resistaned.
It has a thick and thin variant, keep in mind it needs a 2x2 sapling area to grow, similar to Dark Oak!

Greenheart Tree

Wooden Creenheart Blocks


Peltogyne will only spawn in Flower Forests and Meadows!
It's really tall and the color is Purple.
Peltogyne is highly explosion and fire resistaned.
The saplings also need a 2x2 area, just like Dark Oak to grow!

Peltogyne Trees

Wooden Peltogyne Blocks


Holly spawns in all Ice Biomes and is a White Wood!
It is pretty fragile, so it is weak to explosions!
But don't let that fool you!
When touching the leaves, you will receive damage, like from Cactus!

Holly Tree

Wooden Holly Blocks


This new wood spawns in Savannas and is pretty common.
It's a Yellow Wood and has similar properties to Holly.

Wooden Cladrastis Blocks

Cladrastis Trees


This wood also spawns in the Meadows and is very Purple.
If the leaves are placed in water, they will heal you!

Wooden Jacaranda Blocks

Jacaranda Trees

And This is all!
This Addon only adds 8 new Tree/Wood types!
But it will add more in the Future!
Stay tuned for more, and I hope you enjoy!


This Addon is compatible with:

(M)ore (Or any Addon of mine that adds custom axes)

(M)ore Addon Cover

Modern Machinery

Modern Machinery Addon Cover

Updated on October 03

  • Fixed a few very big bugs
  • Changed the download links of the addon
Changelog for July 30 / Old Update
  • Fixed Fence Gates
  • Fixed Slabs
  • Fixed Trapdoors
  • Fixed Fences
  • Fixed a few Bone meal bugs
  • Fixed a few Bugs having to do with the resistances of the woods
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1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0