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This is a simple plugin that let's you do custom emotes.

I made this so that the marketplace would no longer have a monopoly over emotes. It's 100% free and customizable. It is server side so you would have to ask your favorite smp owner to add it for you.

This script is meant for minecraft bedrock versions 1.20.10 and 1.20.0 (use mediafire link for future updates)

Emotes + (Make Your Own Emotes!)

This addon is meant for servers to use, with this anyone on the server can now use custom emotes with a simple command!

Since this addon uses /playanimation there's no need to alter the player geometry. Meaning this will work with your favorite skins without any issue.

With this addon, you no longer need to buy emotes on the marketplace!

Screenshot for sit emotion.

Custom Commands

Do the command :#help to get a list of emotes!

  • Want to dab? Then do #emote dab
  • Want to sleep? Do #emote lay
  • Want to sit down? Do #emote sit

And there is much more!

Custom commands.

Customization and Experimental Features

For those who want to use this pack to customize for servers please dm @xassassin. on discord.

This pack uses beta API, meaning experimental features are required. For tutorials on how to add your own custom animations and add them to this pack please join my discord.

Emotes demonstration.

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Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0
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