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Hi I'm DolphinMasterMB, I'm the creator of the Dolphin Trainer Addon! I made this Player Acrobatics addon, that adds multiple different dynamic acrobatic animations to the Minecraft player! It works in a way where you can just toggle it on and off easily and it's intuitive to use! It's inspired by my Dolphins making such acrobatic jumps! Now the player can enjoy those acrobatics too! I really like to practice my programming skills in Minecraft! So I started to experiment with some Minecraft code, then this nice little addon came alive! I will expend this addon by adding more cool animations and their intuitive systems in the future! If you have some cool ideas for possible acrobatic animations, then you may comment a suggestion!


Simple Instructions

  • Before installing, make sure to delete the previous version! For the best results!
  • Install the Addon,
  • Add it to your Minecraft world,
  • When in your Minecraft world,
  • Get these items: Cod, Salmon, Tropical Fish, Pufferfish, Kelp, Sea Pickle,

(Disclaimer: I use ocean-related items, because I also work on a super cool dolphin related addon! It's much easier for me using those type of items!)

  • Look straight up to enable Acrobatic properties (Ninja jumps/elegant slow amplified jumps (If those don't work, you have to disable them first, then enable again!)) and straight down to disable them,
  • When enabled: Select one of the items:
    • Cod=Backflip
    • Salmon=Frontflip
    • Tropical Fish=Sideflip
    • Pufferfish=Double Frontflip
    • Kelp=Double Backflip
    • Sea Pickle=Mixflip
  • Then Crouch Jump or Sprint Jump to trigger the Animation!
  • The animations are dynamic, those can be used in multiple ways!
  • Make sure to use Third Person view, to enjoy this amazing animations in Singleplayer!
  • This addon should be Multiplayer proof!
  • Enjoy the show!

New Features ๐Ÿคฉ:

You now get text info for what you can do holding and using different items!

Camera Shortcut:

It's way better to be in Third person view to watch your amazing moves! There's a shortcut for this now: Get a Target block, hold it, look up to go in Third person and watch your epic stunts! Look down holding this item to go back in First person! This makes it way more convenient for mobile users!

Body Dynamics:

Now there are 3 dynamic ways to move your player body and steer in mid air while performing tricks! There are unlimited ways to use this, even some crazy odd ones! Use your imagination for this! Get: Iron ingot, gold ingot, copper ingot and emerald to start using this features! Hold one of the 3 ingots to switch between 3 different dynamics! After holding one for a short time, you will be able steer mid air doing some crazy stuff! If you don't like this effects or just want to move normal: Hold a emerald to undo the effects! Disclaimer: This effects are for entertainment and might not always be realistic! Although with proper use of imagination those could actually be used in a realistic way though!

Freerunning Modes:

There now is a more subtle way of freerunning that fits more with the actual sport: Get a diamond, redstone dust and lapis lazuli to start using this feature! First make sure you got the right jump properties! Look straight down to disable the ninja jump, if you used any ocean related item jump previously! Now just start your parkour adventure, as now you get a little jump boost while sprinting! You will lose the boost, if you stop sprinting for a brief moment! If you jump high enough, you automatically randomly do a acrobatic trick based on the item you holding:

  • Diamond = Frontflip based basic freerunning,
  • Redstone dust = Backflip based basic freerunning,
  • Lapis lazuli = Sideflip based basic freerunning,
  • Empty hand = Simple basic freerunning.

Fence Hopping:

When you are close to any type of fence, you get a nice little jump boost! If you jump over the fence with this effect, you can do cool random tricks! This add some variety as normal jumps have a set trick!

Wall Climbing:

With the addon installation, there now is a extra behavior pack featuring a epic experimental climbing system! I recommended you give it a try! If you enable it, you will be able to climb against any flat wall just by timed jumping! This mechanic allows you to do many cool wall related tricks aswell! it's even animated! Just play along with this amazing mechanic! It's super versatile! Known issue: Sometimes you could clip though corners using this! You could easily prevent this by using this function carefully! It really adds up to your imagination!

New Videos:

Older Videos:


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This addon is a remake from one of my old projects! It might not work well with other addons yet! It's kinda still a cool little experiment! It's super fun though and will get even better in the future! Many improvements will be made! I just need to get at it lol!

Check out my Youtube channel for Cool videos about my addons and to stay updated: https://youtube.com/c/DolphinMasterMB

Updated on September 18

  • Added many new ways to experience animated parkour in Minecraft!
  • Including: A system to steer midair while doing any kind of jump, allowing you to do unlimited different tricks!
  • A momentum based realistic parkour system with a super versatile climbing system and faster more realistic tricks! A real freerunning simulation in Minecraft!
  • A momentum based fence hopping system!
  • A really convenient Camera shortcut, especially nice for mobile players!
  • Finally, some nice text info highlighting what you do using the different items and mechanics!
  • And many bug fixes, of course!

I updated this page with info how everything works, but you will have to practice the timing yourself lol!

I would like to hear your opinion on this addon for future improvements!

Cheers! ; )

Download links
The Minecraft Acrobatic Player Addon[zip, 2.07 Mb]
The Minecraft Acrobatic Player Addon[mcaddon, 2.07 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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