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This addon adds blocks and items based on Stupid Things for the Java Edition mod. It adds new items and blocks just for fun!


Permission for ModBay:

Permission from Brunum Games


  • Activate experimental gameplay
  • Version 1.19.10+
  • Addon only tested on mobile and in single player mode

Made by a fan

Rubber Category

Rubber category items

Raw Rubber

When you put it in a furnace, you get Rubber

Raw Rubber recipe


Used for Crafting

Rubber Chicken

When holding the screen, it makes a sound

Rubber Chicken recipe

Paper Bag Hat

It's a mask to hide the face

Paper Bag Hat

Paper Bag Hat recipe

World's Smallest Violin

When holding the screen plays the Spongebob meme song

World's Smallest Violin

World's Smallest Violin recipe

Firing Can

Clicking on a block fills the top with fire where there is air in a 3x3 area

Firing Can

Firing Can recipe

Pet Rock

A multifunctional pet that you can make fun of, used to ask like and subscribe, use as a character...

Pet Rock

Pet Rock recipe

Mine Turtle

(When activated, it will rotate to a specific position) When stepping on it, it makes a sound and then explodes

Mine Turtle

Mine Turtle recipe

Explosive Rail

(When activated, it will rotate to a specific position) It is necessary to activate with redstone torch, block or wire, after active, if a minecart is on the same block, the rail explodes

Explosive Rail

Explosive Rail recipe

Invisible Armor

Has characteristics of iron armor but is invisible

Invisible Armor

Invisible Armor recipe

Hidden Light

It emits light, you can only see the particles and it is not possible to break. To remove, use water

Hidden Light

Hidden Light recipe


Puts out fire, freezes water and makes snow appear

Cooler recipe


Melts ice, snow and powdered snow and dries sponges and cauldron water

Heater recipe

Gravity Accelerator

Makes some blocks fall (These blocks break faster using a shovel or hoe) leaves or blocks with many variants are not on the list

Gravity Accelerator recipe

Gravity Accelerator

Reverse TNT

Makes the blocks in one area be in the opposite place according to TNT. (blocks only move if there's air, so I recommend using Redstone Torch and breaking it, but it breaks automatically if it's on top of TNT)

Reverse TNT

Reverse TNT recipe

Pocket Sand

Holding the screen causes nearby entities to slowness V and emit particles

Pocket Sand

Pocket Sand recipe


Erodes most blocks but in random patterns

Not erode more than 10 levels of blocks (Before there was a bug that eroded even Bedrock)


Acid recipe

Cactus Sword

Every 2 seconds holding, takes 2 damage. Even with low durability, the sword's damage is equal to a diamond sword

Cactus Sword

Cactus Sword recipe

Propeller Hat

When equipped, it gives the effect of slow falling and jump boost

Propeller Hat

Propeller Hat recipe

Improved Hoe

Plow the soil, harvest and replant in an area according to the material, if you're sneaking, do it in 1 block only (Netherite only has durability and block breaking speed greater than diamond, otherwise it's the same)

Improved Hoe

Improved Hoe recipe

Block Bomb Launcher

Choose the block using the crafting table, load (27 blocks) and launch by holding the screen. (For powder snow, use normal snow to load)

Block Bomb Launcher

Block Bomb Launcher recipe

Smoke Bomb

After launching the projectile, a cloud of smoke will appear that lasts for 10 seconds and causes blindness for 5 seconds. (The projectile and the cloud is the same for all, the item color variation is because of the dyes needed)

Smoke Bomb items

Blue Smoke Bomb recipe

Smoke Bomb exploded

Balloon Category

Deflated Balloon

When holding the screen it is inflated

Deflated Balloon items

Blue Deflated Balloon recipe

Water/Lava Balloon

Makes lava/water appear but disappears afterwards

Water and Lava Balloon recipe

Blue Water Balloon recipe

Blue Lava Balloon recipe


To place, hold the screen, go back and use a lasso so you don't lose it, it floats, if a player is close to at least one, it gets slow falling if it's close to at least three, it gets levitation



The original mod created by 2piradians is licensed by MIT. I tried to contact the creator and the owner of the original mod for direct permission but got no response.

Addon demo video (portuguese):

Download links
stupid_things_1_19_50.mcaddon[mcaddon, 1.36 Mb][zip, 1.36 Mb]
stupid_things.mcaddon[mcaddon, 1.36 Mb][zip, 1.36 Mb]
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20 1.19.10